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How to sew a mitered border

I love mitered borders. I just feel they are the perfect way to end a quilt, especially when you are using a border print or a striped fabric. But they can be intimidating if you’ve never done one before. That Y seam can seem daunting. But it really isn’t that difficult once you know what you’re doing. So today’s video shows you how to sew mitered seams from start to

5 sewing room organization hacks

I just ordered the final piece of furniture for my new sewing studio/office. Its a bookshelf for holding my quilt kits before they’re sold and some of my fabric stash. There’s no way all of it would fit in there. So in celebration of being almost done with my newly organized space, I decided to share some of the best sewing room organization tips I could find on the interwebs.

$10 antique store find

It’s official. At 13-months-old Angela has her first sewing machine. One of my favorite rainy day activities while on vacation in Shawano, Wisconsin, is visiting antique shops. Usually it is the same stuff year after year. Beer steins, tchotchkes, spoons, more junk than treasures. But occasionally I find something good. This trip it was a toy sewing machine for just $10. It’s not a fancy metal one that is worthy

How to make a T-shirt quilt

Today’s tutorial is an oldie but a goody. One of the first tutorial series I made was a 10-part series on how to make a T-shirt quilt from start to finish. Today more than 60,000 people have viewed that first video and I still get emails from people who used the instructions to make their first quilt. The shooting was done long before I had a studio, lights and a

‘Dressmaker of Khair Khana’ a tale of strength, perseverance and courage

One day Kamila Sidiqi proudly received her teaching degree during the Afghanistan civil war. The next she was confined to her home when the Taliban seized control of Kabul, ordering women from the workplace and forcing them to wear a full chadri, covering their bodies from head to foot, when they absolutely had to leave the house. Within months of the Taliban’s arrival her father and brothers were forced to

Five-hour bed quilt

I’ve got a brand new pattern that is super quick and easy to make. It’s a great quilt to make when you need a distraction from a complicated project, like my Block of the Month, or when you need to whip something up quick for a gift. The Five-Hour Bed Quilt uses a layer cake and coordinating yardage to essentially make a giant split nine patch. The results are a

1,500 inches of binding

Not that long ago I wrote about how the downside of spending so much time on the longarm lately means I now had 700 inches of binding to do by hand. I know there are some who love sewing binding on by hand. I’m not one of them. But I prefer the look to machine stitched binding, so I do it even though it is probably be least favorite quilting

One pattern, six completely different quilts

Late last month I got together with the women who took my Block of the Month class last year at my local quilt shop to show off our finished quilts. When I started the class, I had five students and figured I’d put the pattern online since I was doing all the work of creating the instructions. Little did I know that by the end of the year nearly 10,000

‘And Still We Rise’ celebrates African American history through quilting

Part history lesson, part artist interpretation, part museum exhibition catalog, “And Still We Rise: Race, Culture, and Visual Conversations,” is a celebration of African American history, culture and its contribution to the Unites States as we know it today. The book and accompanying art exhibit is vision of Carolyn, L. Mazloomi, who has her doctorate in aerospace engineering, but has spent much of her life curating art quilt exhibits that