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Lilac, lace and a toddler who won’t sit still …

Life has been a little crazy lately, so I’m just now getting around to sharing photos of the Easter dress I made for the future quilter. I don’t get to do too much garment sewing, so I’m certainly not an expert, but I am getting better. And I just LOVE sewing something frilly for my daughter who turns two next month. The first thing she did when she put this

7 quilting notions you should try from Quilt Festival

There’s nothing more fun for a quilter than the vendor section of a quilt show. Especially when it is a large one like International Quilt Festival Chicago. There were vendors from all over the world at the show last weekend and I visited every booth to bring you the top seven notions you should try. In no particular order, here’s what caught my eye that I believe you all will love.

April Block of the Month

It’s that time of the month and I’m technically posting the block design on the first Monday of the month. I’ve got seven minutes left! This month is a nice easy break from the complicated blocks we’ve been doing so far this year. Made almost entirely of half square triangles, this block looks complicated because of the way the triangles go together, giving the appearance of diamonds. So your quilting friends

How to silk-dye Easter eggs

OK, I know this silk-dying Easter eggs is kind of a stretch for a quilting blog. But it involves fabric, and if you are addicted to quilting, chances are you also are addicted to fabric. And my quilter neighbor came right over to see how they turned out when I told her what I was up to, so we’re doing this. Here’s what you’ll need: A dozen eggs Six silk ties

March Block of the Month – Stars in the Night

You all will be very happy to know that we are just making four blocks and there is no paper piecing this month! WE are making flying geese, but I show you how to make no-waste flying geese in the video tutorial and printable pattern. If you’ve never made flying geese this way before, you’re in for a treat. It is very accurate, there is no fabric waste and you

Pfaff releases new machine for sewers on the go

Pfaff has released a new sewing machine with the sewer on the go in mind. The lightweight Passport 3.0 is an update of the Passport 2.0, new features include 30 additional decorative stitches for a total of 100, and a thread cutter that cuts the needle and bobbin thread with the press of a button. “That is a huge convenience feature that we know a lot of sewers appreciate,” said

How to cut border fabric so the pattern is straight

If you’ve been quilting for any length of time, then you’ve probably come across a fabric that isn’t printed straight on the grain. For some fabrics, that doesn’t matter, for others, it can really look off when you cut it up to include it in a quilt. The effect of cutting a print that isn’t straight is amplified when you use it in a border. As the fabric travels along

How to make no-waste flying geese (aka make four-at-a-time)

I have been a flying geese making machine this week. I only have myself to blame. I designed a quilt that called for 180 flying geese units. I know … that’s a lot. I would be going crazy if I were making them the traditional, sew and flip way. Thankfully there’s a better way. I’ve included a video tutorial I made a couple years ago about how to make no-waste

February Block of the Month

Sorry for the delay in getting the February BOM out. My daughter came down with croup Thursday night. She’s fine but the whole house was pretty sleep deprived and I got behind on the video for this month’s instructions. This month we are making 28, six-inch blocks that will surround the 18-inch blocks we made last month. We are paper piecing again this month. But if you’re new to paper-piecing and

Doodling to master free motion feathers … and general scribbling

I’m learning a new free motion feather meander, my daughter is learning to color. A photo posted by Stephanie De Pasquale-Soebbing (@quiltaddictsanonymous) on Jan 22, 2016 at 4:15pm PST My 20-month-old has discovered crayons. She likes to put them in her tin box and shake it, stuff them in between the couch cushions, line them up on the dog’s back and every once in a while she actually uses them