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National Quilt Museum hosts ‘Quilts of Valor’ exhibit

The National Quilt Museum has teamed up with Quilts of Valor to honor veterans and bring the organization’s mission to a wider audience. “To Honor and Comfort: Quilts of Valor” opened last week at The National Quilt Museum. The exhibit features 34 Quilts of Valor made by quilters throughout the country. The quilts, which will be given to veterans of war at the conclusion of the exhibit, are premium examples of

How to do big stitch hand quilting with pearl cotton

Big stitch is a great alternative to fine hand quilting for beginner quilters or for those who like the look of hand quilting, but don’t want to take the time to create heirloom-quality hand quilting. The technique uses pearl cotton or tatting thread and a size 5 between needle to make a stitch that is a quarter of an inch long on the top of the quilt and just a

Don’t use those scissors!

Tomorrow my husband and I will celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. We’ve been together for nearly eight years when you include our dating and engagement, and I’ve been a quilter for the majority of that time. Which means for the better part of a decade, he has been receiving proper scissor usage education. I really got serious about quilting within a few months of our marriage. I joined my local

Sewing, a family affair

Last month my family went on our annual vacation. It’s one week in Wisconsin with eight adults, three children 2 and under, three dogs in two cabins on a lake. It is always a lot of fun, and a good break from the day-to-day. But this year, I was still working … kinda. I helped my mom and sister with two sewing projects they’re working on. My sister, whose fiber

2016 BOM pattern reveal!

I am so excited to release the 2016 Block of the Month pattern, Stars in the Night. Next year we will break away from the center medallion structure. We will make 12 different blocks designs ranging in size from 3 inches to 18 inches square. The ranges in size adds a fun dimension to the quilt and creates the look of stars in the sky with some stars being bigger and brighter

Netflix, hand quilting and an unfinished wedding quilt

Every August I pull out my wedding quilt with the intention of finishing by my anniversary at the end of the month, put in a few hand quilting stitches, miss my deadline and put it back away again until next year. Last year was my fifth anniversary. I had promised my husband I would finish it by that milestone. But with a three-month old in the house, I failed miserably

How to make a barn quilt (and have a lot of fun)

During one of my sit-n-sews’ recent gatherings, my good friend Kay said how much she wanted a barn quilt and did anyone know how to make them? Well, I once interviewed a guy who made more than 200, so yeah, I could figure it out. From there we planned a day of fun. Kay hosted (her husband has a HUGE work space we took over for the day), we all

Sewing studio reveal

My sunroom to sewing studio/office transformation is finally complete. If you’ve been following along, the room started as a sunroom that was half finished after storm damage forced us to completely rebuild it. And it was filled with junk. Since the room wasn’t being used for any useful purpose and the dining room table looked like a quilt shop threw up on it, I convinced my husband to let me

August Block of the Month

The August block is another simple block. We’re just making a few half square triangles and then putting it together in rows of four with some squares. The complicated look that makes this quilt look difficult comes when we assemble all the different blocks at the end of the year. Also, if you’re running low on your green and yellow fabrics, don’t worry. We just have four more blocks to