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7 quilting notions you should try from Quilt Festival

There’s nothing more fun for a quilter than the vendor section of a quilt show. Especially when it is a large one like International Quilt Festival Chicago. There were vendors from all over the world at the show last weekend and I visited every booth to bring you the top seven notions you should try. In no particular order, here’s what caught my eye that I believe you all will love.

2015 finishes

I was fortunate enough to complete quite a few projects in 2015, baby dresses, chalk paint projects and, of course, quilts. The later is what I will share with you in today’s look back at 2015 finishes. The first finish of the year was the Block of the Month 2014, one of the two versions I made anyway. This yellow and blue version works perfectly with the colors in my

Feeling the Christmas crunch

I started my career as a journalist, which means I like a good deadline. It also means I’m a procrastinator, a bad habit that bites me in the rear every holiday season. The gifts are bought, most of them are even wrapped, my cards have been mailed, but I haven’t even begun the handmade presents. My house only looks decent because of previous last minute holiday finishes. I used to

My favorite (quilting) things

It’s the biggest shopping weekend of the year, so I put together a list of my favorite (quilting) things. These are products that make my quilting life easier and I use them all the time. If you don’t already have them in your quilting supplies, I absolutely recommend adding them to your Christmas list. What are your favorite quilting tools?

Quilt Retreat progress report

Life has been a little nuts since I returned from quilt retreat two weeks ago. I’ve barely touched my sewing machine, which is why I love going to it twice a year for three days of completely uninterrupted sewing time. I had a pretty hefty to-do list when I left, and I’m happy to say that I finished most of it. The biggest accomplishment was finally finishing the last eight

Quilt show in the bunk room

One’s choice of bedding at quilt retreat is a very important choice. I’m sure there are posh quilt retreats where everyone has their own room in hotel-like fashion. But at my Guild’s retreat, we all share bunk rooms and the quilts that adorn them are on display for everyone to see. It is like a mini quilt show in the bunk room. It is an opportunity to show off, display your

Quilt retreat to-do list

If you ask my grandma, she thinks I sew all day long. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. The business end of running a quilting blog tends eat up more time than sewing and you’re usually more likely to find me in front of a computer than the sewing machine. But that is going to change this weekend. I’m headed to my quilt guild’s semi-annual quilt retreat Thursday night for a

You might have a quilting addiction if …

A sign you may have a quilting addiction: You successfully hide your sewing activities from family and friends. Example: At the end of a long day spent with family over Labor Day weekend, my dad said, “I’m proud of you.” “Why?” I replied. “You didn’t do any sewing today.” No, I just spent three hours at an Amish quilt auction, bought quilting supplies at the Amish grocery store, along with

Don’t use those scissors!

Tomorrow my husband and I will celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. We’ve been together for nearly eight years when you include our dating and engagement, and I’ve been a quilter for the majority of that time. Which means for the better part of a decade, he has been receiving proper scissor usage education. I really got serious about quilting within a few months of our marriage. I joined my local

Sewing, a family affair

Last month my family went on our annual vacation. It’s one week in Wisconsin with eight adults, three children 2 and under, three dogs in two cabins on a lake. It is always a lot of fun, and a good break from the day-to-day. But this year, I was still working … kinda. I helped my mom and sister with two sewing projects they’re working on. My sister, whose fiber