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Bella and the batting

Years ago a very good friend of mine and I were both working at our local newspaper. In addition to our reporting duties, she wrote a mommy blog and I wrote a dog blog. Whenever either of us had a story to tell that involved poop, it was wickedly popular. Here’s your warning. If you don’t like poop stories, stop reading now. If you find them hilarious, keep on. So

5 sewing room organization hacks

I just ordered the final piece of furniture for my new sewing studio/office. Its a bookshelf for holding my quilt kits before they’re sold and some of my fabric stash. There’s no way all of it would fit in there. So in celebration of being almost done with my newly organized space, I decided to share some of the best sewing room organization tips I could find on the interwebs.

$10 antique store find

It’s official. At 13-months-old Angela has her first sewing machine. One of my favorite rainy day activities while on vacation in Shawano, Wisconsin, is visiting antique shops. Usually it is the same stuff year after year. Beer steins, tchotchkes, spoons, more junk than treasures. But occasionally I find something good. This trip it was a toy sewing machine for just $10. It’s not a fancy metal one that is worthy

Thread stand makeover

Of the luxuries I’ve missed most about having a dedicated sewing space, a thread stand is definitely in my top five. Not only do I love the look of having my thread on display, it is a lot easier to find what you’re looking for when it is neatly displayed on the wall instead of digging through a basket with thread tails everywhere. But the natural brown wood of my

Sewing room reno update

There is a small possibility I might meet my goal of shooting the May BOM tutorial in my new sewing studio. Last night my husband finally finished cutting the trim for the windows and baseboard and putting them up. I say finally, because this has been in progress for weeks. He’s not quite as motivated as I am to get this done. But I had to wait for him because

Quilting bucket list

As I see all the posts about Quilt Week in Paducah this week, it makes me think about all my quilting bucket list, all the things I want to do and accomplish in my quilting. Here’s my top five: 1. Go to the National Quilt Museum during Quilt Week Paducah during the annual AQS show is pretty much the¬†Mecca for quilters. From what I’ve heard, you need to book your

Using storage totes to organize fabric by project

Like most sewers I have trouble keeping my fabric organized. I have a closet packed with fabric, but it is mostly just yardage stacked on top of each other. I needed a solution for projects with little pieces or notions that don’t stack well. I found it during one of those trips to Target when you go in for one little thing and walk out with a $100 bill, so

Best day ever

When I released the April Block of the Month pattern on Monday, it was my best day ever for website traffic. That was followed up on Tuesday with yet another, best day ever. The amount of traffic websites consider good is so variable, but I can tell you that I got as many pageviews in one day as I used to get in one month last year. The problem, you

Sewing room reno update

I used to be a DIY addict. When my husband and I bought our home, it had pretty much stood still in time since 1980. There was a lot of work to be done and we did it. Kitchen renovation, new flooring, tearing down walls and gallons and gallons of paint. Five years later, we’re nearly finished, but having a baby has slowed down our progress significantly. Our sunroom has

Quilt retreat progress report

I had hoped to write a triumphant post today about how much I got done at Quilt Retreat last weekend. Unfortunately that’s not the case. While I normally can accomplish more in one four-day weekend of uninterrupted sewing than I can in a month of distracted craft time at home, my weekend was anything but uninterrupted. The child care I had arranged for Angela fell through, so she spent several