Virtual Shop Hop

Virtual Shop Hop: The Little Shop, Haddonfield, N.J.

Debbie Hagy has been a sewer all her life but quilting wasn’t a part of her family’s tradition. So when she wanted to make a quilt for the first time, she enrolled in a class at The Little Shop in Haddonfield, New Jersey. The quaint quilt shop in a charming main street community, has been a sewing store since the 1960s. In the 80’s the then-owner saw the way sewing

Rainbow & Calico Things, Williamsburg, Iowa

I’ve been shopping at Rainbow & Calico Things for years, but I’ve never actually been to the their rural location on a farm in Williamsburg, Iowa. The owner is a member of my quilt guild, so I’ve shopped from boxes she’s brought to quilt retreats and her booth at our quilt show. I have loved her bright fabric selections and was very excited to finally visit the shop. The quilt

Virtual Shop Hop: Cotton Creek Mill, West Branch, Iowa

If I ever opened a quilt shop, I would want it to be like Cotton Creek Mill. Located on a historic main street in West Branch, Iowa, the quilt shop has character you often find. There are original hardwood floors, stained wood shelves, painted wood trim facade. Every detail about the building is beautiful. And of course there is some gorgeous fabric as well. Cotton Creek Mill does a good

Virtual Shop Hop: Expressions in Threads, LeClaire, Iowa

I call the Quad-Cities home. It is a metropolitan area made up of five cities bordering the Mississippi River in Iowa and Illinois. I know you just read “Quad-Cities” and then “five cities.” It’s weird, we know it. But in addition to the cities that make up the Quad-Cities proper, there are several smaller communities just outside it, and that’s were you’ll find Expressions in Threads in LeClaire, Iowa. Located just down

Next Gen Quilters go on a Shop Hop

My sit-n-sew tends to be a lot of talk. And for years we’ve talked about going on a shop hop. It’s been so long that the group has gone from being for quilters in their 20s and 30s to quilters in their 30s and 40s. The membership didn’t change. We just got older. So we finally decided it was time to pick a date and go. Last Saturday we piled

Virtual Shop Hop: Pinery Patches, Tigerton, Wis.

Pinery Patches is the second rural quilt shop I’ve visited that is located on property, a few miles outside of town in a building erected from the same building materials you would expect to find a modern farm building made from. It makes sense really, why pay rent that eats into your profit, when you can just build your own quilt shop on your own land. But that doesn’t mean

Virtual Shop Hop: Mama’s Quilt Shop, Independence, La.

Mama’s Quilt Shop is tucked away on a scenic wooded acreage that is also home to the owner, her brother and, of course, mama. It’s a great shop to visit if you’re traveling on US-51 through Louisana. The shop is just a few minutes off the highway and makes a good rest stop. The shop is named because the owner’s mother has a room full of fabric. Whenever a fellow quilter would