July Mini BOM 2016

It feels so strange to be nearly done with a Block of the Month quilt just two months in. But after you finish with the July block, you will have


February Block of the Month

Sorry for the delay in getting the February BOM out. My daughter came down with croup Thursday night. She’s fine but the whole house was pretty sleep deprived and I got behind on the video for this month’s instructions. This month we are making 28, six-inch blocks that will surround the 18-inch blocks we made last […]

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January 2016 Block of the Month

There’s nothing like starting a new quilt. Cutting the crisp fabric, taking a peak at the pattern techniques, putting the first of many blocks together. The new quilt excitement is what keeps us quilting, and why there are so many UFOs, the next project just looks more fun. Well today we get to experience all […]

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Sewing room organization tips

I have been on a de-cluttering, cleaning and organizing kick since I got back from holiday travels. This is really a must-do action when one has a toddler and said toddler makes out like a bandit at Christmas. So far I’ve made it through both bedrooms, two of three closets (one of which has now […]

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2015 finishes

I was fortunate enough to complete quite a few projects in 2015, baby dresses, chalk paint projects and, of course, quilts. The later is what I will share with you in today’s look back at 2015 finishes. The first finish of the year was the Block of the Month 2014, one of the two versions […]

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Ghost of Christmas Past round up

Congratulations to Susie, the winner of the Fabric.com gift card! She was chosen at random from the Ghost of Christmas Past exchange participants who finished their quilt tops by December 26 and posted their photos to the Quilt Addicts Anonymous Facebook page. Susie managed to finish the quilt top even though she was recovering from […]

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Feeling the Christmas crunch

I started my career as a journalist, which means I like a good deadline. It also means I’m a procrastinator, a bad habit that bites me in the rear every holiday season. The gifts are bought, most of them are even wrapped, my cards have been mailed, but I haven’t even begun the handmade presents. […]

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