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Washing machine, the final quilting step

  I feel like a quilt isn’t really complete until it’s been through the wash. Hang in with me for a second those of you who think putting the final stitch in the binding is the time to celebrate. For my batting I go back and forth between Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton-poly blend and Quilters Dream 100 percent cotton. I find both to be soft and have a great drape, even

How to finish your T-shirt quilt by Christmas

I got a request from one of you for instructions on how to finish their T-shirt quilt by Christmas. I’m already out of town, so I’m not able to make the three videos that are required to show you all how to finish it, but I will do my best with photos and videos that I’ve already made for other projects. And if you have no intention of finishing the

Warm & Natural giveaway

If you’ve been following along with the T-shirt tutorial videos, then you’re almost ready to layer and baste your quilt. I’m going to help one of you do that, by giving away a queen-sized package of Warm & Natural batting. I recommend Warm & Natural for T-shirt quilts because it can be quilted up to 10 inches apart. We won’t be quilting that sparsely, but I do like to keep