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Friday progress report: Quilt Retreat was just what I needed

Last weekend I traded in my husband and dogs for a weekend of quilting in DeWitt, Iowa. The small town about 30 minutes from the Quad-Cities, where I live is home to Grace Lutheran Camp, the site of my guild’s semi-annual quilt retreat. Normally I take Thursday and Friday off for four glorious days of quilting, productivity and no distractions. But poor planning of vacation days, meant I headed out

2013 will be the year of the UFO

One of my biggest issues with quilt addiction is my constant need to start something new. I call it Quilters ADD, but my joke is becoming a problem. I just can’t seem to finish anything. The problem isn’t a lack of skills, or even time. I just prefer to work on something new than finish something old. The result is a stack of UFOs in my closet and a bed

Completing UFOs at quilt get-a-way

I attended a quilt get-a-way last weekend sponsored by my guild and was incredibly productive. The get-a-way is different than a retreat because it is in town, and you go home at the end of the night. But you can sew from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday through Monday if your heart so desires. My guild schedules these get-a-ways once every month or so and I love going to