Hillside Video Tutorial – Uses 2 Jelly Rolls!

A couple of years ago I was invited to come interview Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably and Liza Lucy at the opening of Blanket Statements, an exhibition of Kaffe’s quilts that traveled the U.S. You can read all about it by clicking here.

I live in the Midwest, where traditional quilting reins supreme. Walked into the exhibit hall was a transformative experience. The walls filled with bright bold color, where neutrals were optional and when they were used, hot pink was a perfectly acceptable.

I felt like I had finally discovered fabrics that spoke to me and that I wanted to fill my home with. Of course I couldn’t find them locally, so as Quilt Addicts Anonymous grew from a blog into a brick and mortar and online fabric store, I started stocking all the fabrics I wanted and could never find. It turned out a lot of other people also wanted those fabrics too, and that is how we have grown.

But sometimes when you see a beautiful Kaffe Fassett Collective line, it ends up getting stuck in the “Too Pretty to Cut” pile in your stash. Well no more.

I designed Hillside about a year ago, and originally used Majestic Batiks to create the original pattern. But I just remade the quilt in Kaffe Fassett Spring 2018, using two of the bright 2 1/2-inch strip rolls. They are so fun and bright, and no neutral is required.

You can create the entire lap sized quilt with just two jelly rolls. There is even enough strips to create a scrappy binding!

The pattern looks intimidating with all the the diagonal pieces, but the entire pattern is strip pieced. So it goes really fast and is easy. Think of it as a more intense version of the Jelly Roll Race.

At the time I am posting this video we do still have the strip rolls I used in stock. But if you get a 404 error when you click on the link below, just click on the second link to see all of our jelly rolls. We are constantly getting new ones in and you just need two to make this beauty. So watch the video and then make one for yourself!

If you do make this quilt, post a photo to Instagram with the hashtag #quiltaddictsanonymous so I can see how yours turned out!


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