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I’m going through sewing machine withdrawal

I sewed one too many sweater mittens this winter. Last Thursday my sewing machine let me know it had ingested one too many lint particles from the felted sweaters and started making a noise that scared me enough to stop sewing right then and there and call the store I purchased it from. Thankfully the machine just needs a cleaning, but there’s a back up of machines in for service,

After quilt retreat: Lonestar

My lonestar also did not receive that much love and attention at quilt retreat. I did manage to nearly finish the appliqued leaves on two of the background squares. But I still have to applique all of the flowers which take about an hour each to complete. I pinned the sections up on my design wall and seeing all the pieces come together is pretty inspiring, so perhaps I’ll have

Before quilt retreat: Lonestar

I’m leaving for quilt retreat as soon as I publish this post and I can’t wait. But I wanted to share one more project I’ll be working on with you all, my lonestar quilt. The star center is done, and I’ve been stuck on the applique background for a while. I’m sewing it by hand, which I enjoy, but it’s taking a while. I’ve almost got two background sections done,

It’s time to strip … strip piece that is

The quilt I’m working on now is made up of more than 1,000 1.5-inch squares. And while I have been nuts to take on some of the quilting projects I’ve attempted (king-sized New York beauty and lonestar in the same year) this quilt has been made much easier by strip piecing. I designed the three color quilt so that the blue squares will form a big X and then the