Beginner Quilting FREE Online Course

Make your first quilt with our completely FREE 12-part Beginner Quilting video tutorial series

From the very beginning of Quilt Addicts Anonymous, Stephanie Soebbing has wanted to help make quilting easier so more people would enjoy it.

This is the course Stephanie wished would have existed when she learned to sew. Stephanie has created a simple quilt pattern, the Split Nine Patch that you can download for FREE. We’ll email you your pattern plus an exclusive 20% OFF COUPON that you can use to get everything we use in the videos to get started.

Then you can watch 12 videos on absolutely everything you need to know to make your first quilt for FREE. The videos and pattern are going to stay up forever and you can watch them as many times as you need to in order to get the techniques down.

We hope you love these videos and consider them your new Beginner Quilting Bible and come back to them again and again.

Quilt Addicts Anonymous is able to bring you this video tutorial series for FREE because of the fabulous support of QT Fabrics. They proudly support the Beginner Quilting video tutorial series from Quilt Addicts Anonymous and to help support them, we are including all QT Fabrics in the the list of products included in the discount, so you can show the love my making your first quilt with QT Fabrics.

We hope you get hooked on quilting. Click on the button below to download your pattern and get your coupon!

Happy Quilting!

Make fabric selection a breeze … order a kit

We know choosing fabric can be the hardest part about beginning to quilt. We have made it easy by putting together several quilt kits. You can look at the photos, decide which one you like best, and order a quilt you know you’ll love when it is finished.

Watch the FREE Beginner Quilting video tutorials

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