Must Have Quilting Supplies and Tools – FREE Beginner Quilting Videos and Pattern

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Here we go! Here starts the Beginner Quilting class, and you can’t quilt without quilting supplies. If you are brand new to quilting, we call these supplies notions, and they are the threads, needles, rulers and gadgets that make quilting a whole lot easier.

There are literally thousands of quilting notions out there, but I have pared it down to the absolute essentials you will need to make your first quilt.
In the video I show you what you need and the difference between brands and price points, so you can make a decision about what supplies are best for your budget.

When I started quilting I didn’t know about any of this stuff and I just bought the cheapest notions I could find. But today I don’t use any of those original notions because they just aren’t as good, long lasting or as easy to use as the items I show you in this video.

For example, my Fiskars Rotary Cutter broke after a couple years, but my Olfa is still going strong after nine years and thousands of cuts later.

Now obviously I own a quilt shop, and I have these notions available to sell, so you may be like, Stephanie, you are just trying to make a buck. While Quilt Addicts Anonymous is a small family business and you do support us by purchasing your notions from us, I would never recommend a product that I don’t love and use every day myself.

Our goal is to get you started off with the good stuff so you have a good experience, don’t have to purchase twice when you upgrade and have more money later to spend on fabric to make more quilts!

Supplies we recommend:
Sewing Machine with quarter-inch foot or quarter-inch stitch setting
Schmetz Chrome Quilting Needle 90/14:
Aurifil Mako Cotton Thread Solid 50wt 1422yds Natural White #2021:
Aurifil Mako Cotton Thread Solid 50wt 1422yds Aluminum #2615:
Dritz Flat Flower Head Pins – Multicolor, 50 count:
Fiskars Easy Action MicroTip Scissor 5″:
Olfa 45mm Large Rotary Cutter:
Olfa Deluxe 45MM Ergo Rotary Cutter:
Olfa Frosted Ruler Square 6.5″:
Quilter’s Dream Natural 80/20 Batting – Twin size:
Quilter’s Dream Natural Cotton Select-Mid Loft – Twin size:
Machingers Quilting Gloves:
Safety Pins:
Nimble Thimble:
Gold Eye Milliners Needle Size 3/9 Gold:

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  1. I’ve signed up for the beginner quilting class, although I am not a beginner. Been quilting since the 50s but have only done simple quilts and such as placemats and stockings and that sort of thing. Did I make a mistake,. Sorry to say at 87, I am always doing that.


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