Going tropical for my next T-shirt quilt

I know many of you have found this blog because of my How to Make a T-shirt Quilt video tutorial. That class is one of the most popular ones I teach at my local quilt shop. I prefer to teach by first demonstrating the techniques, then assisting as the students practice. That means I get […]

T-shirt quilt tutorial: Binding

Here are the final videos in the How to Make a T-shirt Quilt series. The first video focuses on preparing the binding and sewing it to the top of your quilt with a sewing machine. The second shows you how to stitch the binding to the back of the quilt by hand using an invisible […]

I tried, I really did

My husband/video tutorial cameraman, works second shift so we only have two nights off together each week. Yesterday was one of those nights, so I worked my little tail off to finish sewing my T-shirt quilt top together so we could film a video on how to mark it, layer and baste it. I got […]