Going tropical for my next T-shirt quilt

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I know many of you have found this blog because of my How to Make a T-shirt Quilt video tutorial. That class is one of the most popular ones I teach at my local quilt shop. I prefer to teach by first demonstrating the techniques, then assisting as the students practice. That means I get about two shirts done each time I teach the class.

The last time I taught the class I finished the top of the quilt I had been using to demonstrate on. That means I’ve taught the class a lot and I had to dig through the tubs in my basement to find a new set of T-shirts to turn into a quilt. I came up with a stack of vacation shirts.

Normally my fabric choices for the sashing and cornerstones on a T-shirt quilt is pretty neutral. But for this one, I wanted the fabric to take me to somewhere warm whenever I saw it. I came up with an orange batik for the sashing and blue for the cornerstones. It’s wild, but hopefully it will help transport me to Hawaii, Mexico and summers by the lake in Wisconsin.

In class on Saturday I attached the sashing to a T-shirt I got on a brewery tour on my honeymoon. I love how the orange batik really brings out the colors of the hula girl in the T-shirt.

There’s just one small problem with this quilt … I don’t have enough vacation T-shirts to finish it. I wonder if I can talk my husband into going on vacation so I can get enough shirts to finish it.  🙂

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