The Ultimate Jelly Roll Rug Video Tutorial!

Jelly roll rugs are all the rage. I can barely scroll through my Instagram feed without seeing a new version of one pop up.

So I contacted Roma, the designer behind RJ Designs who created this fabulous pattern that transforms a 2 1/2-inch strip roll and batting into a fabulous, colorful rug to see if I could do a tutorial. She agreed as long as I held a few details back so you all would still need to buy the pattern.

As a pattern designer myself, who fully supports getting you all to buy the pattern, creativity isn’t free, I agreed and set to work making a rug of my very own.

I leave out two details, but show you how to make this rug step-by-step from start to finish. I show you how to sew the strips together, how to stuff and stitch down the strips with batting inside to form the coil, and finally how to sew it all together and try to keep it flat as you go. Basically, lots and lots of spray and pressing.

The entire project took about eight hours start to finish over two days, which is not bad considering some quilts take months. And as soon as I finished mine, my daughter asked for one for her room and pulled a Tula Pink All Stars strip roll off the shelf at the shop, so now that is in progress as well.

The rug I made in the video uses the 2 1/2-inch pre-made batting rolls. You just need two of those in order to make the entire rug, which was nice because I didn’t have to stop and fuse the ends together constantly. I could just sew. I am using batting scraps for the second one, and it is definitely more of a pain as I constantly stop to fuse ends.  So if that would annoy you, I definitely recommend getting the batting rolls. They are awesome.

I used Chalk and Charcoal strip roll for my rug. You can get one by clicking here. We have some in the shop still as I post this, but we usually don’t have any one roll in stock for long, so if you get a 404 error when you click on this, it means we are out. Click on the link below to see our current strip rolls that we have in stock.

I would love to see how your jelly rolls turn out. Tag me on Instragram @quiltaddictsanonymous or use the hashtag #quiltaddictsanonymous so I can see how yours ended up.

– Jelly-Roll Rug Pattern: Click here to purchase pattern
– 1 Jelly Roll: Click here to shop jelly rolls
– 50 yards of 2 1/2-inch wide strips of thin batting OR two rolls of Bosal Katahin On-A-Roll 100% Organic Cotton: Click here to buy batting rolls
– Batting Seam Tape: Click here to buy batting tape
– Size 14-18 Denim Sewing Machine Needle: Click here to buy jeans needles
– 1 Large Spool of Aurifil Thread (at least 1200 yards) to blend or contrast with your fabrics: Click here to shop Aurifil thread
– Mary Ellen’s Best Press
– Sewing machine in good working order
– Walking foot: Click here to buy walking foot

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Comment (10)

  1. Although I love the concept, I would use bias strips so it would actually lay flat or maybe a longer stitch length would help. Please in the future change up the music in the background..kind of drove me crazy!

  2. That’s very interesting! The limited tutorial just leaves me wanting more so I’ll probably end up purchasing the pattern! LOL!!! My only complaint is the music in the background is now permanently etched in my brain and is quite annoying. Some of us (especially me) have auditory distractability so I had to concentrate extremely hard to see what you were doing. Otherwise, a great teaser of a tutorial! 🙂

  3. HI Stephanie,
    I came across this great tutorial and see that you used my Chalk and Charcoal Collection. May I repost this blog and if you please can give me credit for the fabric design I would appreciate it. I am so glad you like it. Made a wonderful rug. Thanks so much. Jennifer Sampou.

  4. Great tutorial, Stephanie! I’ve been debating taking this on and your video answered many of the questions I had about the project. Gotta go buy a copy of the pattern and pick out my Jelly Roll!

  5. Hi Stephanie. Thank you for this video as I have the pattern but didn’t quite understand the pattern instructions for how to begin to sew the rug together (creating the tapered end). In your video intro, you said you were going to give some tips on how to manage the rug on the throat plate, but you didn’t mention anything about that. I can imagine we would have to roll it lengthwise somehow, but not really sure. Perhaps you could edit your video to include info for this. Thanks very much!

  6. If I join my own batting scraps, is there any reason not to sew them together? Is there a reason to fuse them together instead? Other than the time savings!?!?


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