Tutorial: Make a pillowcase with French seams

When I first learned how to make pillowcases I used a one-sheet handout with black and white photos. It was very difficult to understand, especially the part about rolling the fabric up. So I’ve created this video tutorial for you to learn how to use this technique to make pillowcases from your favorite novelty fabric, […]
How to make a pillowcase with French seams

How to make a pillowcase with French seams

Learn how to make a pillowcase using your favorite novelty fabric, sport team, cartoon character or just fabric leftovers to match your latest quilt. Stephanie Soebbing from http://www.QuiltAddictsAnonymous.com breaks down the process and uses a French seam, which encloses all edges so you don’t need a serger and your pillowcase will look more professional than […]