How to Make a Pillowcase with French Seams, No Raw Edges, No Serger Needed!

For our seventh Make of Christmas we are bringing back an oldie but a goodie. In this replay on how to make a pillowcase, I show you how to use your leftover yardage or novelty fabric to create a custom pillowcase with no raw edges.

That means we cover how to do a hot dog roll to get all of your raw edges concealed in the pillowcase sleeve, and how to make a French seam, which sounds way more complicated than it actually is, to give your pillowcase a finished look with no raw edges. No serger needed!

This video is one of our first videos and it pre-dates the completion of the sewing room you see in all of our current videos, so forgive my bland dining room as the backdrop. It has also gotten a makeover since this video was published. But the content is great and it remains one of our most popular videos with nearly 100,000 views.

Supplies we used:
3/4 yard fabric for the body
1/4 yard fabric for the sleeve
2.5-inch by WOF for the flange:
Shop fabric by the yard at

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Music: Tomorrow It Is Christmas (Instrumental Version) – Loving Caliber from Epidemic Sound.

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  1. Great tutorial… I was unaware that pillow cases were made any differently! I love the other cushions that you have on the bed too. Did you make them or buy them? I’ve been hunting for similar fabric.


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