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12 blocks, 14 settings, dynamic quilts

Pat Speth, author of “Nickle Quilts” and three other books about quilts made entirely from five-inch squares of fabric, was the lecturer at the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild yesterday. The lecture was the fourth one she gave to our guild, so she created a brand new lecture to keep things fresh. As promised in yesterday’s […]

Sock Monkey crib quilt pattern is here!

The Sock Monkey crib quilt pattern is easily the most popular quilt I’ve ever made on this blog. Two years after I made it, the blog post is still among the top 10 posts viewed every day and last week alone I got two requests to share my pattern. Well it’s finally here. I finished […]

Storing quilt blocks in scrapbook cases

When I converted my sewing room into a nursery, quilt supply storage became even more important than ever before. One space-saving solution I’ve found that I absolutely love is using scrapbook cases as a storage solution for quilt blocks that are not ready to be pieced into a quilt top yet. I’ve got several to […]

New baby, new junlge crib quilt design

I’m going to have a new nephew in a couple months so that means it is baby quilt time. My very practical sister who is already thinking ahead to baby number two, chose a jungle theme for the nursery since it is gender neutral. Her husband suggested an underwater theme, not a colorful ocean scene, […]

Bonnie Hunter and her scrap obsession

If you’ve ever thrown away scraps in a Bonnie Hunter class, there’s a good chance they made their way into her pattern Pineapple Crazy in her book “String Fling.” The bed-sized quilt is made up of 5-inch paper-pieced pineapple blocks with impossibly small pieces. And all those pieces you thought you couldn’t use and tossed, well […]