Sock Monkey crib quilt pattern is here!

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The Sock Monkey crib quilt pattern is easily the most popular quilt I’ve ever made on this blog. Two years after I made it, the blog post is still among the top 10 posts viewed every day and last week alone I got two requests to share my pattern.

Well it’s finally here. I finished writing up the pattern last weekend and it is now available for download. Just click here or on the photo below to download it for yourself.

The pattern contains complete instructions, applique templates and the fabrics I used so you can replicate the quilt. The entire 5 Funky Monkeys by Moda I used to make the quilt is available on Just click here to purchase the line.

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  1. Because of my grandmother I have a slight obsession with sock monkeys. Thank you so much for creating this and sharing the pattern. My son has to have one.

  2. How do you get the pattern? When I click on “click here” or the picture I go to a page with “Free Spirit”, how to buy a sewing machine, sewing cabinet makeover, etc. There is no pattern.

  3. I would willingly purchase your pattern but this just installs another web Please invoice me for the pattern and when I remit payment I will include my mailing address for a hard copy. Thank you.

  4. I was looking for the sock monkey pattern but the link to purchase isn’t available. Please advise how I can obtain/purchase the pattern. It’s adorable & really hoot you can help. Thank you.


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