Continuous Binding Tutorial + Mitered Corners – FREE Beginner Quilting Videos and Pattern

For years I was afraid of sewing continuous binding. The results are amazing. You can’t tell where you started or stopped your binding, which means now lumps or bumps where you tucked in extra fabric. But if you screw it up, OMG you have to start completely over.

But when I tried it for the first time I realized that continuous binding is actually pretty simple and nearly impossible to screw up. You just have to be able to measure and cut accurately, something we all should be a pro at by now.

We cover a ton in this video tutorial. I show you:

  • How to sew your binding strips together
  • Fold and press them in half
  • Tips for managing a big long strip of fabric
  • How to sew the binding to the top of your quilt using a walking foot and maintaining a quarter-inch seam
  • How to sew mitered corners into your binding
  • How to attach your ends for continuous binding
  • How to trim your quilt top
  • How to sew your binding to the quilt back using an invisible stitch
  • How to tie a quilting knot
  • How to tack down your mitered corners

This is a long one, so I suggest making note of the parts you think you may need to see again the next time you bind and writing the time codes down so you can skip straight to them.

And even though our quilt will be done after this video, we still have one video left in this series where I will show you how to make a quilt label and talk about how to care for your quilt.

So congratulations! You have made a quilt, but come back for one more video tomorrow!

If you are enjoying these videos, but haven’t downloaded the pattern yet, make sure you do it! We’ll send it to you for FREE, plus a 20% off coupon that you can use on everything we use in the beginner quilting series.

That includes all of your notions and in-stock fabric from QT Fabrics, our class sponsor! We also have created a few quilt kits for the Split Nine Patch pattern and have made digital versions of the quilts so you’ll know you love it before you start sewing.

The coupon will be sent to you via email after you download your FREE pattern to go along with this course. Click here to download your free copy.

Other videos in the series:

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