How to Read a Quilt Pattern – FREE Beginner Quilting Videos and Pattern – NO MUSIC VERSION

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Quilt patterns are essentially the how to manual for making a quilt. The pattern designer has figured out how much fabric you need, the best way to put the quilt together and done all the quilt math so all you have to do is cut and sew.

Patterns may look different from designer to designer and from quilt book to magazine, but they all have some elements in common and that is what we go over into today’s video.

In the video I walk you through all the steps in the Split Nine Patch pattern I created for this Beginner Quilting Class, so it will be helpful if you are looking at a print out of the pattern while you are watching the video.

I also cover some common quilting terminology that you are expected to know when you read a pattern. Talk you through how to read the fabric requirements and cutting instructions, and go through each step of the pattern.

If it doesn’t make complete sense just yet, don’t worry. Quilting is one of those tasks where it is best to learn by doing. So it will all start to come together more as we actually start cutting our fabric and sewing.

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