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When pattern writers and quilt magazine or book editors make assembly diagrams for putting the quilt top together, they assume you already know how to do that step and the instructions are very brief.

Sometimes there aren’t instructions at all and there is just a diagram of the quilt in various pieces. That can be very confusing when you are just getting started, because a computer generated image of a partially assembled quilt makes absolutely no sense.

So I break it down in today’s video to help you understand what it means when you see those diagrams.

It may be helpful to go back and rewatch the How to Read a Quilt Pattern tutorial before watching this video and to have your quilt pattern with you as you watch.

For most patterns you are going to start by assembling your blocks into rows, then joining your rows together to complete the quilt top. I know that sounds super basic, but even with the most complicated quilts, that is how it goes.

In the video I give you some good tips on how to pin your blocks so the fabric is evenly distributed across the block, press your seams so the points where the blocks join are absolutely perfect and how to manage the weight of the quilt top as it gets bigger.

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