Cloth diapers, cute booties and leaks

Angela finally managed to sleep long enough for me to get a dozen cloth diapers in a newborn size finished, which means we’ve been putting them to the test for the first time. Of course, as soon as I put her in one of the cloth diapers, she took a massive poop. I’m happy to […]

Cloth diaper sweat shop … I mean retreat

They’re done! All 36 cloth diapers are assembled, the PUL has been resealed and they are neatly arranged in the changing table dresser. I finished this monumental task over the weekend at quilt retreat, where I didn’t actually do any quilting, but did enjoy the company of plenty of women who did. They all had […]

Diaper sewing marathon – Part one

Me: “I went through 10 yards of Velcro yesterday.” Husband: “That’s a first down.” I had a cloth diaper sewing marathon over the weekend. It was all in preparation for getting as much work done as possible before quilt retreat next weekend so I can get this very essential task done well in advance of […]

It’s all about good preparation

When I attended my first quilt retreat I brought a stack of fat quarters and a pattern from a magazine I wanted to make. My table-mate brought all her pieces pre-cut and ready to sew. We both got about the same amount of work done, but at the end of the weekend, it looked like […]