Cloth diapers, cute booties and leaks

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Angela finally managed to sleep long enough for me to get a dozen cloth diapers in a newborn size finished, which means we’ve been putting them to the test for the first time.

Of course, as soon as I put her in one of the cloth diapers, she took a massive poop. I’m happy to report that the claim is true that solid waste from a breastfed baby will come right out of the alova suede cloth. Those suckers are just as white as the day I made them after several uses. It probably helps that we installed the Bumkins Cloth Diaper Spayer on our toilet to rinse messy diapers before putting them in the diaper pail. I’m happy to say that it has been doing its job as well.

We have had some major leaking problems. At first I thought Angela was just too small for the newborn diapers which the pattern recommends for babies that are 6 to 10 pounds. But at a weight check earlier this week she came in at 6 pounds, 11 ounces, and there aren’t any gaps around her thigh, so size is not to blame.

I’ve been on the phone with customer service reps from both and Babyville Boutique to help get to the bottom of the problem. Both companies have different opinions on how to fix the leaks, namely the rep from Babyville thinks their company’s moisture wicking fabric will do a better job sucking moisture into the absorbent layer quickly than the alova suede cloth, but both agree that the soaker I’m using is inadequate.

Angela likely is a fast or heavy wetter. That means that although I have two layers of microfiber terry cloth in my soakers, the super absorbent material on its own isn’t enough. I’ve ordered a yard of hemp fleece fabric to use as a doubler, which essentially is a second soaker to help absorb additional liquid quickly. They are used for overnight and for kids that go a lot, which Angela appears to be.

It also is possible that using the soakers I made for the 8 to 20 pound diapers could be causing a problem a well. The edges of the soaker could be too close to the leg seams in the newborn size, causing leaks. Either way I’ve got some sewing to do this weekend once the additional fabric arrives to see if I can fix this leaking problem.

While we haven’t totally switched over from disposable diapers because of the leaking issues, we are using a lot less of them which is good for our wallets and the environment. I’m also loving the fun prints and designs of each diaper. Angela’s little booty is definitely a whole lot cuter when it is covered in fun prints and colors rather than the bland disposable diapers. I can’t wait to move her over to cloth completely so she can always have a cute little bottom.

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