Diaper sewing marathon – Part one

cloth diapers, PUL

Me: “I went through 10 yards of Velcro yesterday.”

Husband: “That’s a first down.”

I had a cloth diaper sewing marathon over the weekend. It was all in preparation for getting as much work done as possible before quilt retreat next weekend so I can get this very essential task done well in advance of my due date.

The original plan was to get all the Velcro sewn on, but I didn’t stop there. I already had the machine set up for the cloth diapers, so postponed my quilting plans and just kept going on the diapers. I sewed the elastic casing on all the PUL outer layers and the alova suede cloth lining, then sewed the tops of the PUL and lining together.

I’ve been sewing everything together assembly line style. It is boring and tedious, but I’m saving a lot of time because I don’t have to keep switching feet, needle position and machine settings.

Next up I’ve got 33 diapers that need elastic sewn in the back casing. I think I can get that done this week before quilt retreat, which will give me a really good shot at finishing the diapers at retreat.

I like seeing all the diapers lined up ready to go for the next step. It makes it look like I got so much done, even though I have tons left to do.

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