My first block of the month

About a month ago I saw a block of the month program for a Civil War quilt.

My first thought was that I could join it, and sew all the blocks by hand like the women would have during that time. Then reality set in and I realized there’s no way I would have the time to piece an entire quilt top by hand in a year.

So I abandoned my thoughts of making a Civil War quilt. Then at quilt retreat last week I met a quilter who was still working on a block of the month project from a couple years ago.

I was inspired and signed up for Fat Quarter Shop’s Civil War Tribute block of the month program. Each block in the quilt represents a significant battle in the war and the instructions come with a historical information about the battle.

I still want to piece it by hand, but if I don’t finish it by the end of the year, that’s OK.

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  1. I’m so new to the craft of quilting that I’m still afraid of the major mistakes & I’m scared to start. I know they say start small &I plan to when I get guts enough to(so much for being a perfectionist). Hopefully come July I’ll be up to the challenge. Thanks for all the great ideas. Sondra Dudley

  2. Did you finish your quilt, I would love to sew this beautiful tribute quilt, would you like to sell your pattern or do you know where I can find one for sale? Thank you


  3. 12 years later, I have all of the individual blocks sewn. Just need to put them all together & finish the border!
    I was intimidated when I first received mine & so put off working on it.


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