Get a close up look at Nocturne, my first fabric collection with QT Fabrics …

I cannot fully describe how excited I am to share this news with you all. My first fabric collection, Nocturne is here!

Pre-order kits and bundles from the Nocturne Fabric Collection:

This is a collaborative collection with QT Fabrics, and it has been in development for about two years. So to finally see and feel it in fabric form was just an absolutely amazing experience.

Nocturne includes all of my favorite things. It includes my favorite color pallet that I use in my own home of rich teals, Napoleonic blue, duck egg blue, light gray, charcoal and a touch of chartreuse to make it all pop.

The design features an owl, a favorite decor item of mine since college. The nocturnal bird was my sorority’s mascot and I have been collecting vintage owls every since … because when I was in college owls weren’t trendy and all we had was vintage decor.

The owl looks like it was painted from a chalk painting stencil, which is my other creative hobby. Seriously almost every wood piece of furniture in my home has been chalk painted, or I have plans on how I want to paint it. And the main textural prints were patterned after a piece of furniture I did in my dining room that has two colors of dry brushed layered paint. It’s covered in owl planters that are teal, duck egg blue, gray and white … so yeah, I live and breathe this collection.

I really hope you all love this collection as much as I do and can’t wait to have it in your living rooms as well. I hope you enjoy seeing all the prints as I pull them out of the box and see them for the first time. We also show you some of the kits we put together using the collection.

The one thing that is very different about this collection, is we have absolutely no idea how much fabric to order. So if you see something that you absolutely need to have in your life, please pre-order it. That way we will know how much fabric we need to order and you won’t miss out because we ordered too conservatively.

Thank you so much to all of you, because you also helped make this happen!

Pre-order kits, bundles and yardage from the Nocturne Fabric Collection:

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