‘True Love Quilting Club’ makes quilts sexy

I was not expecting such a steamy book when I picked up “The True Love Quilting Club” off of my grandmother’s shelf. But once I started the book, I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.

While there is a decent amount of quilting in this book, it is primarily a love story, and a sexy one at that. Some of the scenes were so hot, they made me blush.

The story follows Trixie Lynn Parks, who has changed her name to Emma, and has found herself back in Twilight, Texas, to perform in a community play after she kneed a Broadway producer in the family jewels when he propositioned her with an inappropriate deal to jump start her career. 

Thinking her acting career, which had never amounted to much anyway, was effectively over, she runs into her high school sweetheart, Sam Cheek, who is recovering from the death of his wife and raising her son who hasn’t spoken in a year.

The courtship of Sam and Emma is just as sweet as it is sexy. Author Lori Wilde develops full characters that you find yourself rooting for. And while it takes 173 pages for them to kiss, the scene is so hot, that it’s worth the wait. 

Besides the romance, the book features a 30-year-old learning to quilt, a group of women who support each other through difficult times and celebrate the good ones, honoring veterans with war memorial quilts and a very touching scene that involves a memory quilt. 

So while this book at its heart, is a romance novel, hopefully it also will teach women that quilting is both an art and a form of therapy not just for those who make the quilts, but also for the recipients.

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