Quilting with the Donnas

I spent the weekend volunteering at the Fall Festival at Walnut Grove Pioneer Village. It was a cross roads settlement in Scott County, Iowa, in the 1860s and 18 period buildings have been preserved on the site so visitors can get an up close look at history.

A couple of times each summer the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild volunteers at Walnut Grove events to demonstrate hand sewing techniques that were essential parts of everyday living in the not so distant past. We also dress up in period costumes. Yes, that is me in the above photo.

But my favorite part of the weekend was sewing and chatting with Donna Lanman, my quilting mentor, and Donna Furrow, who knows quite a bit about sewing history. Plus they’re fun to spend time with. 

I always learn something new from Donna Lanman every time I see her. This weekend it was about a simple, but stunning border quilting pattern. And I love watching Donna Furrow explain how the treadle sewing machine works to the kids who pass by, getting them interested in sewing.

Who inspires you to quilt?

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