Completing UFOs at quilt get-a-way

I attended a quilt get-a-way last weekend sponsored by my guild and was incredibly productive. The get-a-way is different than a retreat because it is in town, and you go home at the end of the night. But you can sew from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday through Monday if your heart so desires.

My guild schedules these get-a-ways once every month or so and I love going to them. They’re held in the carriage house on the Deere-Winman estate, which once belonged to the descendants of John Deere, the man behind the riding lawn mower in your garage. The grounds are absolutely stunning and it’s nice to take a break from sewing, to stretch and walk around the gardens.

My biggest accomplishments were finishing two tops and layering and basting them both. I tend to save the latter chore for get-a-ways because there are several banquet tables which make the job easy and keep you from crawling around on the floor trying to pin through three layers without catching the carpet fibers.

I also attached the binding by machine to another quilt that I’ve had quilted for almost a year but haven’t finished. Maybe I can finish attaching the binding to the back by hand before its one year quilting anniversary. This quilt is for me, it’s so easy to put off your own projects when you have so many to complete for others.

What did you create last weekend?

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