It’s Christmas in my mailbox again

I’m participating in my first fabric exchange hosted by Quilting Under the Influence.

I exchanged 5-inch squares of Christmas fabric with Kelly Goheen and Linda Lewis Ezuka from QUTI, Deanna Pavay from Dizzy Little Kingdom, Marta Preusser, Dawn Nichols from Dawns Quilt Corner, Lizzie Marie from Wandering Stars, Jan Peoples from Sew Sowin Love, and Dorothy Goheen.

As you can see from the photos above, I have quite the mix of fabric, but I am a firm believer that when it comes to scrap quilts, more is better. For example, the more red you have in a quit, the less it matters if all the reds match. Eventually they all play nice with each other.

I’m planning on combining each Christmas charm square with a white tone on tone to make half square triangles. That’s another lesson in making scrap quilts, pick one neutral fabric to use throughout the quilt so the eye has a place to rest. That will keep it from looking too busy.

The last step will be getting very creative with sashing and borders in order to turn 45 5-inch squares into a lap quilt that I hopefully can use this Christmas.

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    1. Good luck. I’ve done this technique before and like it, but it is slow going. What size hexagons are you piecing?


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