Warm & Natural giveaway

If you’ve been following along with the T-shirt tutorial videos, then you’re almost ready to layer and baste your quilt. I’m going to help one of you do that, by giving away a queen-sized package of Warm & Natural batting.

I recommend Warm & Natural for T-shirt quilts because it can be quilted up to 10 inches apart. We won’t be quilting that sparsely, but I do like to keep the quilting light on T-shirt quilts so the focus remains on the shirt designs and not the quilting.

To enter to win, comment on this post and tell me what quilt(s) you’re working on now. If you’re making a T-shirt quilt, tell me what the theme of the shirts are. I’ll choose a winner at random on Monday, Dec. 19.

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  1. I’m working on a New York Beauty, a UFO with chickens on it, a Star, and an Angel tree skirt that won’t get finished now until next year. Also starting a triangle exchange and working on lots of gift bags for my daughter’s wedding next year! The t-shirts are sitting in the closet waiting their turn!!!

  2. I am working on a charity quilt that I am doing “quilt as you go” Today it should make it to “one piece” and be ready to be bound. I made up the pattern as I went.
    Warm and Natural is the BEST batting. I have used others but I don’t like them nearly as well.

  3. I’m new to quilting and working on table runners for Christmas gifts. Next will be a sampler quilt in Christmas fabrics. My goal is to make a quilt for our queen size bed in a labyrinth pattern.

  4. Now that I have finished all my shopping and quilting for others it’s my turn. Since I will not be hosting Christmas this year I am not decorating. But I am making myself a tree wallhanger to be hung above my couch. Happy Holidays to all and congrats to the winner!

  5. I just finished some quilts I was making for Christmas presents and now need to focus on making something for my baby girl due in a couple of months

  6. I love warm and natural and I made a pieced top for a children’s charity that our guild supports and I need to get it sandwiched and quilted – I would use it in that quilt.

  7. I’m working on the Civil War Bride quilt blocks at present. I have a son graduating soon and would love to try a t-shirt quilt for him. I’ve been saving his sports and school t-shirts for some time now to plan for this quilt! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome batting!

  8. Right now, I’m working on 5 quilts: a vintage Christmas Sampler, a rainbow & purple zigzags, a crazy black & batiks, a fancy pinwheels in black & pink, and a fancy pinwheels in black & green. I get overwhelmed at the thought of quilting anything above child-size, and am kind of procrastinating until I work up the courage to get it all done.

  9. i am working on matching lap quilts for my parents for christmas – i’m using missouri star’s summer in the park pattern.

  10. I am currently working on several projects at once like I normally do – I am quilting a signature quilt (by hand) and I am piecing a Joseph’s Coat quilt. Several more quilts waiting in line to be quilted.

  11. I finished a king size t-shirt quilt for my sister this past summer – it was marathon t-shirts & the logos were all different shapes & sizes – a real challenge for me. I used Warm & Natural batting & loved it. Now I’m working on a flannel lap quilt for my brother for Christmas.

  12. I am working on a improvisational quilt of Houses. I’m not following a pattern. I am creating it as I go along. It has a lot of color with black and white. It is quite bold. It is taking after Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston. I hope to transition into some more Modern looking quilts, even though the one I am working on is probably considered modern.

  13. I ONLY use Warm & Natural! Thank you for the chance to win with your giveaway! Right now I am working on my Chasing Chevrons quilt with Jennifer at That Girl… That Quilt. I hope to have it finished (fmq and all) by Christmas.

  14. Right now I’m binding a Harley Davidson themed quilt that my sister requested. I have a stack of Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts that I plan to make into a quilt eventually.

  15. I just started cutting fabric for a queen size double wedding ring quilt. So the warm and natural would be great for it. I made my son a tshirt quilt a couple years back. He loves it. I highly recommend making one.

  16. Right now I am working on quilted Advent calendars. Thank you for the chance to win. It is always great to have extra batting on hand. 🙂

  17. Dizzy geese, and they are making me busy. Have a sunflower quilt for the ALS project that needs to be basted, quilted and bound, a diamond log cabin that is still in the fabric purchase stage, 24 Dresden plate blocks to figure out settings, an iPad cover that hasn’t quite decided whether to be zippered or not, two Linus quilts…and I’m on the. Omputer wasting time.

  18. Warm and Natural is all that I use for any of my quilting. I love it!

    Right now I’m putting the binding on my Sherbert Pips quilt (don’t have a name for it yet) that will be going to my grandbabies for Christmas.

    Thank you for the chance!

  19. I am working (very slowly) on a Matilda Station Quilt, and a t-shirt quilt made with all my old slogan t-shirts, including my Calvin and Hobbes collection.

  20. I need the plural – quiltS – I just finished a tossed HST crib size, and am binding a mini tumbler. And replacing the binding on my daughter’s quilt. And I have 2 more that need to be pinned then quilted, and I have pulled all sorts of scraps and fabrics to make a cobblestone quilt for charity. Oh, and I need to make a couple of click bags for gifts, too.

  21. I am working on one called Purple Medley, which a friend of mine designed. Only I am doing it in Blues, neutral beiges, and as accent red. Will be very pretty when done, which might take me a few more years….

  22. Actually one of my on going projects is a tee shirt quilt for my son. It is being done with Bob Marley tee shirts and musical fabrics.Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. I am working slowly on my Dear Jane quilt. All 169 4 1/2 inch blocks are finished and I am putting them together. I started this quilt in 2004!

  24. I’m working on a mystery quilt right now but after Christmas I will be making a T-shirt quilt for my son-in-law. This will be my first T-shirt quilt. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  25. I’ve made a several t shirt quilts but I like your technique so much better then what I did. right now I have 4 quilts to quilt and 3 others to bind so I don’t dare start anothr quilting project until at least after Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. I am working on a pickle dish quilt with some applique and an English paper pieced hexagon quilt with an appliqued medallion. Also have several quilts awaiting quilting – it never ends!

  27. I am not quilting til after New Year…then I have a couple of commissioned quilts to hand quilt. I have done many tshirt quilts though…they have all been done for high school graduates to take away to college with them..using tshirts that they really liked all through school years…like team sports and that sort of thing….thank you for this giveaway it is wonderful

  28. I’m working on a rail fence in greens for my daughter, and just finishing up a penguin pillow for her for Christmas.

  29. I am working on a mostly white with some pastel batiks. Also, a quilt that is teacup themed. Oh, an then there is the summer storm one, and My Tweets, and a crazy quilt, and then a fall leaves one, a paper-pieced coffee pot one, a king-sized brown and cream batik, but my oldest work in progress is a sunflower quilt. It will have its 20th birthday before too long…


  31. Hello! Thanks for a great giveaway! Thanks for the T-Shirt quilt tutorial. I’ve been wanting to make one and now I can follow your tutorial to do it! 🙂 Currently I’m working on a Hawaiian quilt for my son for Christmas. Happy Holidays! 🙂

  32. Am working on a king-sized BOM from the Quilt Show from a couple years ago called “Stars for a New Day” – one more border to go and it’s ready for quilting!I made my son a T-shirt quilt a few years back whne he was away at univ – he loved it! Thanks for the giveaway – always neeed batting!

  33. I’m working on several quilts at once.
    Peaceful Pathways from Esther Aliu
    Hearts Desire from Esther Aliu
    Orca Bay Mystery from Bonnie Hunter
    and my own Hexie Flower garden quilt.
    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway

  34. I’m working on finishing a log cabin lap quilt for my father-in-law. I love Warm and Natural batting and am actually using it on the quilt. I am hoping to make a T Shirt quilt next year out of my college shirts. Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. I’m working on two quilts right now, both Bonnie Hunter quilts. One is Orca Bay the other is Smith Mountain Morning made out of army fatigues. One is being pieced the other quilted, and using warm and natural batting 🙂

  36. I am working on finishing a Words of Wisdom quilt. My son was married on 9.10.11 and I have 100 blocks with our friends hand written words of wisdom. Sashing with cornerstones it’s almost done.
    Cathy Byrd

  37. Ohhhh!!! I’d LOVE to try that Warm and Natural batting! I normally use the Hobbs 80/20, but have been thinking of trying the Warm & Natural!! Thank you for the chance to win!! Currently, I’m working on a Henrietta Squirrel quilt (applique) and the Orca Bay Mystery (VERY scrappy pieced). 🙂

  38. Thanks for the chance to win – at the moment I am binding the last two quilts I will be finishing as gifts for Christmas. Then I will move on to some quilts for Aussie soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan – did you know it gets down to -25C there in winter! Cold!

    1. Sorry I’m not able to ship internationally at this time. Thank you for stopping by and for supporting the troops.

  39. Right now I’m focused on a Carpenter’s Star quilt in Boise State University colors for my sister’s Christmas present. I also have a Crown of Thorns quilt, a Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt, a random sampler quilt, and a 9-Patch quilt in various stages of completion.

  40. I put all my son’s past t-shirts in a bin to sort and cut for a t-shirt memory quilt. He’s 19 now and I’ve got some from Kindergarten, Scouts, all of it! It should be a fun project and very sentimental, though probably more for me than him.

  41. I currently have three baby quilts that need quilting, two quilts for me and a T Shirt Memory Quilt for the daughter of a friend who passed away in October.

  42. Currently I am working on several pillows and a reversible quilt as you go pattern for Christmas presents. Then I have several UFO’s to finish (about 20 of them!). Thank-you for the chance to win!

  43. I am working on 2 quilts right now, a memorial quilt for Hospice and a John Deere quilt for my husband. I love Warm and Natural, it is the only batting I have ever used. Thanks

  44. I’m currently working on a quilt for a friend who’s daughter passed last week from cancer. It’s a coffee themed quilt because we go to coffee at least once a week and used to work in a coffee shop together, so every time she uses it she can imagine I’m giving her a big hug!! Thank you for this opportunity!

  45. trying to get a table topper quilted and bound before next week!
    then I can start my hawaiian applique project!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  46. I am working on a scrap quilt. My stash is too big so I feel good using my “scraps”! Thanks for the batting:) It will be perfect for this quilt!

  47. I’ve never used warm and natural, it will be fun using it if I win, very generous offer. My current quilt project is a large 12 inch square alternating with a 9 patch for my youngest grandson. The large square is an Oklahoma State University fabric, and the 9 patch is orange and black. ~Nita

  48. I’m working on a rag quilt, an Ohio 9patch ( purchased the fabric 8years ago, started it last month. It had to age, you know). A pair of slippers for a toddler, 3reindeer made of the ends of palm fronds that attach to the tree, and, hopefully, little bags made entirely of zippers to put Chang in.

  49. I am a brand new quilter and am just finishing my 2nd quilt. It’s a patchwork Christmas throw. I do want to do a t-shirt quilt though. The t-shirts will be parade official shirts that my husband and I have been given every year that we have worked on the Mardi Gras parades for the past 10 years. They each have different themes and graphics. Thank you for the idea and the chance to win.

  50. What a fabulous prize! I would love to win some Warm & Natural. I’m just about to start my next quilt, which is the Hugs & Kisses quilt by Jaybird Quilts. I can’t wait…it’s been on my list for a while, so I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl. Thanks!

  51. I only have one quilt I am working on, I need to add the backing, and finish sewing it. It’s for my sister’s one year old, for her to stay warm and cozy this winter. I have never tried a t-Shirt quilt. lnb1191(at)aol(dot)com

  52. I’m finishing up a table topper quilt for a gift and I have finished all 12 Birdie BOM blocks so now it is time to put them together. Thanks

  53. I have never made a t-shirt quilt but imagine I will at some point. I am working on a quilt using January carnations material. I am looking forward to it being complete!

  54. I have a WIP that is a bunch of hexie flowers that make up a flower garden, with stems and pots and everything. I just keep putting it off. I’m also making some baby blocks for my friend. Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. I use the Warm and Natural all the time. I’m quilting a Christmas quilt, a pink and pastel green roses quilt. It’s really girly and feminine and delicate looking. It’s for a girly feminine niece of mine. I will finish the quilting today and take it off my long arm frame. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  56. I am working on a wall hanging called “Center Street USA” . It is paper pieced with applique, the blocks are log cabin and some are houses. I will post a picture of it when it is finished.

  57. I am currently working on a white, purple and turgoise quilt. The patten is a new design and was printed from Hyacinth Quilt Design. You’re right. I am going to need queen-sized batting and your giveway would do just fine. I have had a lot of fun visiting all these exciting blogs and I am sure you will find a lot of new followers. Thank you for your participation and I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

    Sandi T.

  58. Thanks for the chance to win some great prizes! I am working on the latest WillowBendCreations Christmas pattern. It is of Alaska where my kids were born. I have one almost finished and the other quilted just need to bind.
    Stash Away, Stash Away, Stash Away ALL!

  59. I am working on a Fons and Porter Fat Quarter quilt called Memories for a sick family member. I don’t think I will be finished by Christmas as so many other duties creep in this time of year. I also have another scrappy tumbler quilt I am working on with left over batiks and anything else that helps the colors move. Thanks for joining the giveaways.

  60. Right now, I’m working on a flannel rag quilt for ME!!! I made 5 quilts for gifts prior to Christmas, so I figure it is time to make one for myself!!! LOL I used a lot of batting recently on several smaller projects, so it would be great to replenish my supply

  61. I am working on a queen-size bed quilt – almost finished!! My daughter is about to start a t-shirt quilt with her college t-shirts. I’ve been asked to make a t-shirt quilt for a co-worker’s son. So we could really use this batting! Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. We’re redoing our home one room at a time. We’re almost done with the upstairs and then we’ll finish the basement. It will be part man cave, part sewing room. My husband already has two Illini quilts and I’ve got fabric to make him a Superman quilt too.

      A few of my favorite quilt shops are in Wisconsin. Have you seen my post on Quilting Divas in Green Bay? You should make a weekend vacation out of your next trip to see the Packers play and check it out. https://www.quiltaddictsanonymous.com/2011/08/virtual-shop-hop-quilting-divas-in-green-bay-wisconsion/

  62. I’m working on two quilts at the moment. The first is a baby quilt for my children’s godmother, who is expecting her first baby (a girl). The second is a lap-size postage stamp quilt for my living room. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  63. I have to finish the quilting on a baby quilt for my new niece who we will be seeing the week after Christmas, then it’s on to work on a quilt for my daughter who will be headed off to college next fall.

  64. I love Warm and Natural! Also Warm and WHITE!
    I’m working on a mantel piece with three stars in Fairy Frost fabrics………also pondering my next miniature wonder!

  65. Making a laptop bag at present and it is an elegant pattern from Keyka lou. Following this I have a large basket quilt on the drawing board. Thanks for encouraging us to use this product it looks awesome!

  66. I’m not working on an actual quilt right now but I am making a ton of fabric postcards for a big birthday swap for 2012!! 40 in all!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  67. I just finished the top to Crabapple Hill’s Over the River. Love doing embroidery work but this one took me a while. Now I have to find someone to quilt it for me.

  68. I am currently working on my first ever bed quilt. I’m new to this art form and have only made two baby quilts since August. I’m hoping this one won’t come out too crooked. 😉

    Thanks so much for this opportunity to win this giveaway of batting and have a wonderful weekend!


  69. I’ve never used Warm and Natural before so I’m interested in checking it out. Thank you for the chance. Right now I’m working on two large Valentine themed hexagon table runners, a Christmassy table runner, and some dress form pincushions.

  70. I stock Hobbs 80/20 and have always wanted to know what quilting with warm and Natural was like… Please include me and I hope I can find out what its like by winning this! 🙂

    merry Christmas!

  71. I have many UFOs to finish, but I’d love to work on the Postage Stamp quilt first. But I’m not working on anything to finish before the Big Day!

  72. Currently I’m not doing much but I have started cutting the pieces for another table runner. I just finished my first beginning quilt piecing class a little more than a month ago and now, as I said, I’ve started cutting pieces for the next. I’ve stopped that for now as I need to get quilted stocking made for my entire family and Grandchildren next. Wish my luck. Somehow I’ve lost a few weeks and am running out of time. ack!

    Thank you for the great giveaway. We can all use more batting, that’s for sure.

    Have a great Christmas.


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