Virtual Shop Hop: Quilter’s Heaven, Northbrook, Ill.

Quilter’s Heaven in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook, Ill., really is a paradise for modern quilters.

Everywhere you turn there are bright, large prints. And I do mean everywhere. Every room in this converted house is filled from floor to ceiling with fabric.

Everywhere you look there is a riot of color. I especially couldn’t pass up the batiks. I took home a few half yard cuts from my favorite bolts.

I was also quite impressed with the selection of silk thread. Quilter’s Heaven has spools in a rainbow of colors. I use a neutral color for applique. It makes your stitches nearly invisible.

But I’ve heard that it also is great for machine quilting. An award-winning quilter in my guild swears by this stuff. And with all these colors available you’d be able to find one to match your quilt.

Quilter’s Heaven is located at 1747 Dundee Rd., Northbrook, Ill. It is definitely worth checking out if you find yourself in the Chicago suburbs.


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