Dining room tables are for quilting, not eating

Snowball and nine patch quilt in blue, white and gray

I had one of those, “I think I might have a problem moments.” I’m not talking about a quilt construction problem, I’m talking about a quilt addiction problem.

My schedule hasn’t had room for a lot of sewing time recently, so my snowball quilt pieces have been sitting on the dining room table since my sewing marathon weekend two weeks ago. I’m kind of anal about the layout of my scrap quilts, so I don’t dare move a single block for fear of getting everything out of order.

So that means the dining room table isn’t really usable right now. Or at least I don’t think it’s usable for anything else. My husband has other ideas.

The other day he dared to put a plate on the table and before I had time to think about how crazy it sounded, I yelled, “Don’t you dare eat at the dining room table.”

But the moment when I realized I might have a problem, was when my husband just picked up his plate and moved to the coffee table in the living room, like my request was perfectly reasonable.

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