On a UFO mission

Christmas New York Beauty
New York Beauty

This year is the year of the UFO. I’ve been trying to wrap up all my unfinished projects.

So far I’ve finished seven quilts, but only two are on my list of five major UFO projects I would like to finish this year. But after this weekend I should be much closer to finishing a third.

Tonight after work I’m headed to my guild’s semi-annual quilt retreat and I’m just bringing one project with me, my Christmas New York Beauty quilt. I’ve been working on this quilt for two years, mostly at retreat. The blocks include both paper piecing and curved seams, which require more attention than I can usually give to it when I’m at home.

I’ve got 39 of 64 blocks done and the plan it to plug away until they are all finished.

I thought about bringing a second project, mostly because I have a rule that no good comes from paper piecing after 10 p.m. But the plan is to take break and walk the grounds or get in an afternoon nap if I need a break. That should make for a nice relaxing, yet productive weekend, which is exactly what I need and why I look forward to these retreats.


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