A quilting emergency

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There I was, 18 inches away from finishing sewing the binding onto the front of a crib quilt I needed to finish. I still had to sew it to the back by hand and the baby shower started in two hours.

I ran out of bobbin thread, no big deal right. When I loaded it back up, the thread wouldn’t pull up through the throat plate. No matter what I tried it was stuck and I couldn’t sew another inch.

I was in trouble. But thankfully my neighbor is also a quilter. We met at quilt retreat when my husband and I were house searching and she gave us the scoop on the house next door that was about to go up for sale. We bought it before it even went on the market.

I was frantic, “I have a quilting emergency, if such a thing exists,” I said explaining the situation over the phone.

“There is such a thing,” she replied.

She wasn’t home, but we exchanged keys in case of emergency months ago. Thankfully this is the worst thing that has happened. So she told me to just come on over, head down to “the lair” (her sewing room) and use her machine.

Ten minutes and a trek across the yard in snow boots later I had the binding sewn on and was back in my house working on the hand sewing.

I love having a quilter for a neighbor. And I did manage to get the quilt done in time for the baby shower.

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