Productive insomnia

I’ve reached that point in my pregnancy where sleep is elusive. I’m up every couple hours dealing with heartburn, sore hips or pressure on my sciatic nerve, and let’s not forget the increasingly frequent trips to the bathroom. Then there are the mornings where I wake up an hour or so before my alarm with no chance of falling back asleep.

My doctor says this is my body’s way of getting me ready to care for a baby in the middle of the night. But since I don’t have a crying infant yet, I’ve been using the time to work on cloth diapers and at least get a little productivity out of the sleepless hours.

My weeks tend to get a little busy. I teach a class and advise the student newspaper at my alma mater in addition to my ridiculously demanding day job. That usually doesn’t leave much time for sewing during the week. But being up at 5:30 with no chance of falling back asleep changes that.

Yesterday I managed to sew the elastic into the back casing of 13 diapers before I even let the dogs out to go to the bathroom, wrote the days blog post and still managed to get to work on time.

Once the baby is here I would like to try to get him or her on a schedule so I can get ready for the day before the little one wakes up. Experienced moms may laugh at me when I say this. Maybe you are too. But having that first, quiet hour in the morning to myself really makes a big difference on what I can accomplish during the rest of the day.

When is your most productive time to sew?

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