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cloth diapers, Babyville Boutique,, PUL

Angela is so teeny tiny that the 42 super-cute cloth diapers I made her are WAY too big. They’re for babies 8 to 20 pounds and at just under 6 pounds Angela is swimming in newborn clothes and has no hope of fitting into the diapers.

I didn’t make any diapers in the newborn size before she was born because normally babies are in them for such a short period of time that it just isn’t cost effective. But even if Angela gains an ounce a day, which her doctor considers very good, we’re still looking at another month of disposable diapers.

My mom is out this week to help with laundry, cooking and cleaning, so I’m taking advantage of the extra time and working on some cloth diapers in the newborn size for Angela … and they’re all pink.

cloth diapers, Babyville Boutique,, PUL

I find that now that I’m no longer confined to gender neutral fabrics, I really can’t contain myself when it comes to making girly things. I already had enough pink fabric to make half a dozen diapers, but I also stopped by the fabric store on a rare outing to pick up a couple more packs of Babyville Boutique diaper cuts for girls.

I was eyeing these prints while I was still pregnant but didn’t want to spend the money just in case I ended up with a boy. Pink birds aren’t really that manly.

I’m just making a dozen cloth diapers in the newborn size,¬†which will be enough for a little more than a day. We’ll still be using some disposable diapers, but not nearly as many as we are using now. That will be better on the environment and on our new parent budget, which we are tightening like crazy so we can save for swim lessons, new clothes and a college fund.

Plus, these teeny tiny pink diapers will look so much better than disposables on my teeny tiny little girl.

cloth diapers, Babyville Boutique,, PUL

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