Don’t get it wet or feed it after midnight

I have a few quilting rules, most of them regulate what I can and cannot attempt to sew after 10 p.m. Paper piecing is at the top of the do not attempt list. The results are similar to getting a Mogwai wet or feeding it after midnight. My sewing abilities turn into the quilting equivalent of a Gremlin. Destruction ensues in the form of wasted fabric and seam rippers. Oh the horrors.

Now I’ve got a new item to add to the do not attempt after 10 p.m. list … measuring borders. Seems like a simple enough task. Lay the quilt out, extend the tape measure, take the average and cut. Well that wasn’t the case last night. I was nearly finished adding the second solid border to the block of the month center medallion when I realized I cut the border a full inch too short.

Yes, a full inch, and it was only 10:22 p.m. Not even half-an-hour past my cut off time.

I promptly shut of the iron and my sewing machine and went to bed. I’ll try again today when my mind is fresh. Well as fresh as it can be after six or so hours of sleep, which isn’t so terrible considering I have a newborn.

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  1. I totally agree. I have attempted to sew/piece a block this time of night and messed it up. I figured out I was too tired to sew it correctly. Definitely time for bed and a good book.

  2. I understand completely. I carefully marked the sewing line on an appliquéd center medallion late last night, then trimmed 3 sides using the line at the 1/4″ line on my ruler and then cut the 4th side on the marked line. Sigh.


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