Giveaway! Recycled Hexie Quilts

Recycled Hexie Quilts: Using Vintage Hexagons in Today’s Quilts, Mary W. Kerr, Schiffer Publishing,

I know how you all love your giveaways and I have a great one for you courtesy of Schiffer Publishing. The latest item up for grabs is a copy of “Recycled Hexie Quilts: Using Vintage Hexagons in Today’s Quilts” by Mary W. Kerr.

The book is filled with ideas for finishing and repurposing this very popular pattern from the 1930s that is gaining popularity again. Plus it isn’t available for sale until April, so you’re really getting the scoop if you win. Here’s the description from Schiffer Publishing:

More than 140 color images, with both traditional and contemporary designs, show how vintage hexagon textile fragments can be repurposed and fashioned into new, beautiful quilts. Over the last century, hundreds of hexagon (fondly termed “hexie”) patterns were published and thousands of quilts were started—yet many of these textiles were never finished. Other quilts were damaged from overuse and neglect. This book shows fifty-two new quilts inspired by these neglected hexagon textiles. See how this basic shape can be employed in a wide variety of combinations and patterns, both traditional and modern. Packed with ideas and tips, this practical yet art-filled guide will inspire quilters to try new designs by drawing on the power of hexies from the past.

To enter, leave a comment below telling me if you’ve started a hexie quilt and if you actually finished it, or if you just have a few paper pieced blocks strung together. I’m guilt of the latter. You have until Friday, March 13 to enter. Good luck!

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  1. I have actually just started making my hexies! I love how portable my little project is! I am really enjoying the whole process. 🙂

  2. Have not tried this pattern – too afraid too try!! Love the look & would like to be able to do this.

  3. I have a quart-size zip lock bag almost full of hexies. Still not sure what I’ll make but I do LOVE making them! So easy to take-along on trips and work on while watching evening TV shows.

  4. I have some Hexies that were started years ago. I didn’t know what I was going to do them when I started making them. Might be a good idea to get them out and actually do something with them! Having some actual direction and a pattern would be a good thing to get me motivated.

  5. I have a box with hexies on paper and sorted out by color ready to be put together and I have several flowers that are to be placed in a flower garden quilt. I don’t have any hexie books to help me complete any quilts with hexies. I would love to win. thank you for the opportunity.

  6. I am new to quilting and have not tried a hexagon quilt yet. I am wanting to do one but just haven’t had the gumption to do it yet.

  7. I have never made a Hexie yet, but I would like to learn more about them. I am a fairly new quilter, not in the number of years, but in the number of quilts I have had time to complete.

  8. I have not made an all hexie quilt. I made a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt block which I used in a Sampler quilt.

  9. I have not tried hexies as they intimidate me. This book looks very interesting though. Maybe it is what I need to nudge me into hexies. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. I just finished a quilt top using large (very large) hexagons and just love it. Great use of scraps. Have been working on (a few years now) a Grandmother’s Flower Garden making tons (exaggeration?) of small hexs by hand. I WILL complete it some day (read the fine print … some) and looking forward to that. Great giveaway and I really do enjoy making these silly things … all sizes!

    1. As an aside, working on the monthly Calypso and loving it. It’s going to be beautiful. Thank you for that as well.

  11. My mother- and grandmother-in-law (her mother) introduced me to the idea of Hex quilts with a Grandmother’s Flower Garden at least 55 years ago. My current hex project is hand pieced of scraps, with the hexs finishing to 1/2-inch. Maybe this should be a miniature, but I want to incorporate some of the flowers into a baby quilt. With 6 greats being born this year, it seemed to be a good idea.

  12. no I have not even made a Henie, but would love to try one. I love the quilts that I have seen made with these cute little hexagon shapes!!

  13. I have been given a pack of plastic hexie templates as I am just starting quilting. I had some fabric for xmas and am hoping to get some more for mothers day so I can start to make a hexie quilt for my Husband and I. This book would be a wonderful resorce to help me learn and be able create something beautiful. I have seen some amazing quilts made from hexies on the internet and am very interested in trying to fussy cut my hexies.

  14. I have a few paper pieced hexagons. I have made a half-hexie table runner and finished it. I made the Rose Star block with my 6″ hexie template in the center and several chopped up hexies around the center and it looks great! I want to make a big quilt!

  15. I’m in the middle of a hexie quilt now! I have used some of my hexies to turn out two pretty hexie pillows!

  16. Unfortunately I have not done a hexie quilt yet but seeing yours makes me excited to begin one. I am a self taught quilter and love practicing paper piecing. So far I have done a picture of my King Charles Cavalier and of our local LifeFlight helicopter. I have MS and try to challenge myself each time I begin a new quilt. Definately if I win your give-away a hexie is in my near future!

  17. I have just started uilting seriously and am intrigued by the paper piecing. My girlfriend is really getting into Hexies and building my ideas up. All ideas, tips, hints will be greatly appreciated. I am very visual and need books in front of me to refer to.
    I love your web site and even more your name.
    I look forward to doing a lot more business with you in the future.

  18. I started making hexes last summer while visiting my daughter in Kentucky. I ended up staying three months instead of one. I didn’t take my sewing machine, and was having serious withdraws. My daughter found a ruler for me. I started finding all kinds of scraps and turning them into cute hexes. I have a stack of them now, I only need some inspiration on what design to make. This book would be a great tool.

  19. I haven’t tried hexagons but do have a small pile of vintage material given to me that would be wonderful to incorporate in a quilt.

  20. I have always liked the Hexie Quilts, but have not tried them yet. Think that it would be a good pattern to take “on the road”. Thanks

  21. I have some hexies from my grandmother that I have been looking to us up on a good pattern some are also from a friend just a little hesitant to get going on squares and triangles are all I have done but am looking to get more advanced and do up some other patterns. Would love to win the pattern! thanks.

  22. Oh my goodness hexies are my favorite! I’ve made 5 full size eye spy quilts. I love them and so do family members! Working on another now.

  23. This is an extraordinary fabulous giveaway. I am excited about learning hexies, I have a quite large Hexie quilt pieced from my Great Grandma Ida and my Grandma Mae. It needs finished and repaired in some places. Food luck to us all, and thank you for the giveaway.

  24. I will be retired soon and HOPEFULLY (!) I’ll have time to do a Hexi quilt. I love the way they look and just never felt I had the time to give to one. But…..maybe some day soon.

  25. I worked with he or pattern in a flower garden pattern for a sampler quilt loved stitching it together by hand! No it’s not finished.

  26. I’ve been wanting to make a quilt with hexagons but have been feeling overwhelmed by it. Want to see the book to start a new quilt.

  27. I have not heard of Hexies but I have become addicted to quilting and am always looking for something new.

  28. I am pondering making a hexagon quilt. I have made several test hexies and am trying to decide what size to make them.

  29. I purchased a Half-Hexie Sizzix die today to begin my very 1st hexie quilt. I love the look of hexagons, but like the idea of strip piecing to complete the text. I enjoy hand piecing, but am in the process of working on my Quilt Bucket List now that I’m approaching 60 and thus I machine quilt. I would love to be considered for your free book giveaway. I know that I can adapt the patterns in the book to utilize the half hexie template. Thanks for your consideration.

  30. I have done one block as part of a block-of-the-month. It’s an intriguing idea for my mother-in-law’s cotton aprons.

  31. What a wonderful contest. I am a new quilter and have not tried the Hexie block yet. I would love to win your book and learn something new.

  32. I remember my Mom making a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. It would be great to update my skills with a new fresh approach so this book would be a wonderful tool.

  33. My first attempt at hexies was a table runner. The top is completed, just need to complete the sandwich and quilt it. Currently I am making a full size top using 5/8 inch hexies. There will be over 5 thousand hexies when it is completed. It will take some time to complete as I do a little bit on it most every night. Love hexies!!

  34. I am new to hexies – – – and EPP – — but I prefer the pieced Hexies = just started to make some and love that it allows me to create a different “hexie” rather than have the colour / fabric be the design, I create the hexies. Way lots of fun! But am still working on them – I am a starter trying to be a finisher… Need I say more!?

  35. Decided what better way to use up LOTS of scraps than using them for ‘hexies’! The bundle is g r o w i n g …. slowly but surely!! 🙂

  36. Hello!

    I have to say that I am brand new to quilting, I am working on my first quilt right now. For some reason, I am fascinated by hexagons and a hexagon was the very first template I purchased. While it is a bit slow going right now, I hope to gain proficiency soon. So I guess that puts me in the unfinished category right now. LOL! I would love to win the book because I am sure it would help me with this new artistic medium.

  37. Don’t have any hexagons started but I have a number of antique hex quilts. Looks like another great book by Mary Kerr

  38. I have just recently started making a hexie quilt. It’s slow going to me, because my hands hurt all the time. I would love to win this new book.

  39. BS”D
    Hexie quilts look so hard, so my efforts are not pretty. I’m sure this book would give me the tools to finish what I started and to make it look good. I have two very old family quilts and so want to use some vintage patterns to create quilts for each of my eight kids to have when they get married. This book is meant for me.

  40. Love Hexie shapes. I’ve been to two Hexie classes and a seminar; both at the AQS quilt show in Chattanooga . At that show last September I began my hexie quilt. It is harder to do than you think to get the points correct. I have about 5 made, but put it down for some easy square quilt patterns.

  41. I’m working on a Christmas Hexie quilt. I fussy cut out of my Christmas Scraps. It’s my Work While I Wait project. I carry it around and work on my little 2″ hexies. I get lots of questions and comments. I’ve never had a paper-piecing class, but I’ve watched many videos (thank y ou youtube!)

  42. I just finished my top for my Hexie quilt. There are large Hexies and in my own very simple pattern. However for it being the first that I have attempted, I am so happy with it. Will being attempting more soon and can’t wait to start trying to help my daughter when she is ready to begin. Thank you

  43. I have wanted to make a hexi quilt for a long time now, but am always hesitant to start because I am afraid I won’t ever finish! So I just keep waiting for the “perfect” time, which ** shocker ** has yet to come about!

  44. I actually just purchased my first set of precut hexies! They arrived in the mail on Tuesday. I am so excited to get started.

  45. I am working on a hexie quilt right now that has 1 1/4 hexies and I am about half way finished with it. I am addicted to hexies since doing my first one with 2″ hexies..

  46. I’ve done some paper pieced hexies in the past, but never had the patience to make enough for a project. But they are great for take-along sewing.

  47. I have 24 or more diamond shaped ready to put together for the Flower Garden quilt. Those have been done for a long time! Can’t seem to get the hexies done for the pathway between the flowers!!!

  48. A variety of fabric was given to me, plus some left over from projects. I’m at a season of life where I can devote some time to making quilts fulfilling my creative desires; so the many ideas are starting to come together and be made. No Hexie experience for me YET; but I work better with clear instructions ( of course always altered someway). If I win, I will plan to do one next! 🙂

  49. I’m a bit intimidated by hexie’s so a book like this would be helpful.. checking out your site for tips and pointers. Many thanks! Julie

  50. I started a ‘Hexie’ quilt about fifty years ago, it has moved house with me numerous times and through two marriages. I have decided that it is time to get going again, now that I have retired and know a little bit more about different fabrics.

  51. Ive got a Hexagon quilt started right now. Love the Jaybird ruler and the Park Bench pattern. Thank u!

  52. I have done two wall hangings using hexagon pieces, they are really fun to work with. I look forward to using them again in other pieces I do.

  53. I just learned a year ago how to quilt. I have always wanted to learn how but never had anyone to teach me. One day I was sitting here on my computer watching TV and seen something about YouTube. I don’t remember what it was but I got to watching you tube alot and one day I ran across a DIY easy quilt with sewing machine. So I watched it and then the next day I went to our local Walmart and bought some fabric. One week later I finished that quilt. I was so proud of it that I posted it on my Facebook. Since then I have searched and completed 11 different kinds of Quilts. Getting these patterns off the internet. I have complete your basic square quilt, a granny’s square, star squares, and others. I would love the opportunity to try a hexagon quilt, and will one day. Winning this would make this happen sooner then later. I have found that I LOVE making quilts and am very grateful for YouTube for teaching me how to make them…… And for people like you who put free quilting patterns online……….. Thanks to all of you…

  54. I started a hexie paper piecing class the end of last year. I have a doll iron bed that was my mother’s when she was little and am starting to put my hexies together to make a doll quilt to show off on that iron bed.

  55. How ironic, my quilt circle had workshops on hexies this past Saturday. Some beautiful examples of quilts made using hexies were show.

  56. I love making hexies. I carry a small sewing box with hexie-making supplies to work on while waiting for appointments or while someone else is driving. It is so relaxing and a good use of time. I have not joined them all together to complete a quilt project yet, but will eventually.

  57. I have a box of hexies blocks that don’t appear to have been pieces on paper. I rescued them at an estate sale. It would be fun to have ideas for their use.

  58. Just started quilting, my 90 year old aunt is teaching me. Haven’t start a hexie yet bus my aunt did one called” grandmother’s flower garden

  59. I have never tried one, I have been scared to try it as it looks difficult. I have been reading up though and I think I have now convinced myself that I can do it.


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