One pattern, six completely different quilts

BOM reunion 02

Late last month I got together with the women who took my Block of the Month class last year at my local quilt shop to show off our finished quilts. When I started the class, I had five students and figured I’d put the pattern online since I was doing all the work of creating the instructions.

Little did I know that by the end of the year nearly 10,000 people who be following along, a number that has swelled to more than 20,000 as I write this, and that pattern would be the beginning of turning this little blog into a resource for quilters, and a way to help support my family.

But almost as exciting as all the success my original BOM pattern has brought, was getting a chance to see everyone’s finished quilts. I know there are some people out there who like to make the quilts as close to the original pattern as possible. There’s nothing wrong with that, and that’s why I started offering kits to go along with my patterns.

BOM reunion 07

But for those of you who say, “You know, pink is nice. But my bedroom is brown and cream so I’m going with those colors,” that’s what makes quilting really fun. That’s because you can take one pattern, give it your own color scheme and completely change the look of the finished piece.

So today I’m sharing those photos with you all so you too can see how changing up the colors to your own favorite color palette can be a very fun design choice that only makes the quilt more stunning. And if you look closely, Angela makes a cameo in these photos too. I figured I made her last year too, so it was OK to bring her with to the reunion.

If you’ve finished your 2014 BOM, I’d love to see it. Post a photo of it on my Facebook page at

BOM reunion 06

BOM reunion 03

BOM reunion 04

BOM reunion

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  1. It is so neat to see the variations. It always amazes me how much color changes the look to a quilt. All of them are just lovely!

  2. That’s amazing! Love them all but especially the two that have a lot of white in them. I like the high contrast of the colors. The others while beautiful, are a bit busy for my own personal liking. So much work, and they all turned out wonderful! Fear I’d have many mis-matched corners…..great job one and all!!

  3. Great job everyone. I love purple and I am going to try this in Purple. I will send you my picture once its one.


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