You might have a quilting addiction if …

Amish Quilt Auction

A sign you may have a quilting addiction:

You successfully hide your sewing activities from family and friends.


At the end of a long day spent with family over Labor Day weekend, my dad said, “I’m proud of you.”

“Why?” I replied.

“You didn’t do any sewing today.”

No, I just spent three hours at an Amish quilt auction, bought quilting supplies at the Amish grocery store, along with some awesome blackberry pie filling, trimmed half-square triangles while said pie was baking, edited a quilting video tutorial, schedule an appointment to rent time on the longarm and shared close to a million quilting photos to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Once that was done, I wrote this quilt blog.

Nope, no sewing today.

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  1. I hear your little one on the teaching tapes, and don’t know how you accomplish all of this, but I am thankful you do!


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