Quilt retreat to-do list

Quilt Retreat

If you ask my grandma, she thinks I sew all day long. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. The business end of running a quilting blog tends eat up more time than sewing and you’re usually more likely to find me in front of a computer than the sewing machine.

But that is going to change this weekend. I’m headed to my quilt guild’s semi-annual quilt retreat Thursday night for a full weekend of uninterrupted sewing and quilting. I am so excited and I’ve already got all my projects out and ready to go. Here’s my very ambitious to-do list:

New York Beauty

Christmas New York Beauty

This paper-pieced, curved seamed monster has been coming with me almost as long as I’ve been going to quilt retreat. I have eight blocks left to finish and then all 64 are done and ready to be assembled into a king-sized quilt. That is about eight hours of work and I plan to get started on it first thing on Friday. I won’t be assembling the top at retreat, but I at least want to get the blocks together.

Halloween costume

Angela’s Halloween Costume

This pile of fabric will become Angela’s Halloween costume. She’s going to be a scarecrow, with a flannel shirt, brown corduroy pants with burlap trim and a burlap hat. It is going to be adorable, but only if I actually make it.

BOM 2015

2015 BOM

You got me. I’m behind on my own BOM. Basically I’ve sewn together enough to make the video tutorials and I still have to make the rest of the blocks for the outer corners. I’m going to take advantage of the uninterrupted, toddler-, dog- and husband-free time to get caught up.

QAA Fabric Exchange

That’s right! I’m working on getting another fabric exchange together and I’m hoping to get the sample top together this weekend. I’ll give you two hints:

  • We’re strip piecing
  • We’re using batiks

Get excited.

Bird throw pillows

Throw pillow makeover

I’m pretty tired of my throw pillows. I’ve had them since I graduated from college which was nearly a decade ago. So I picked up this modern print to give them a makeover. I’m going to be attempting new techniques here, like welting and possibly Turkish corners. The good news is my throw pillows couldn’t possibly look any worse than they already do, so whatever I come up with will be better than what I have now.

Quilt Retreat - Christmas throw pillows

Christmas throw pillows

When I was learning to quilt I would choose a new quilting technique and start a king-sized quilt that used it. By the time the quilt was done, I was an expert. While it probably wasn’t a recommended way to learn, it worked for me. The same seems to be true of home decor sewing. I bought the bird fabric above and within an hour also ordered fabric and pillow forms for a set of five Christmas throw pillows. Yeah, I have a problem. That’s why “Addicts” is in the title of this blog.

So there probably is no chance I’ll make it through all these projects. But I’ll have a fun assortment to choose from. Check back next week to see how I did. And if you can’t wait that long. Make sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see the works in progress, and possibly quilters dressed as monkeys while wearing tin foil hats. Don’t judge. Strange things happen at retreat.

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Comment (2)

  1. Stephanie, I am also headed for a guilters guild quilting retreat this weekend. I am so excited, this will be the first one I have been able to attend. Have most of my supplies gathered and will be working on a scrap strip in a full size. I gathered a tub full of scrap and will spending the day cutting, and then two days sewing….am so ready for a “get away”. Enjoy and have fun at yours.

  2. Stephanie! I just love your fabric for Christmas NY Beauty – but it is very ambitious. All of your projects are, but how wonderful to have the time to devote to them. I’m rooting for the Halloween costume since that truly is a deadline that is approaching quickly. I had to lol at your block-of-the-month UFOs. Yup, we all have them. I really enjoy your blog and wished I lived closer to attend a quilting retreat too – I could use the time myself. I never see any around my parts . . . hmmm, maybe I need to search more. Have a blast – I know you will!


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