Husqvarna Viking releases new embroidery machine, plus tips on purchasing a new sewing machine

Embroidery Machine in Sewing Room

Husqvarna Viking released a new entry-level sewing and embroidery machine last month. The Designer Jade 35 was designed with two goals in mind: pack as many features into a machine that could be sold at a beginner price point and create a design that was appealing to 25- to 35-year-old sewers that are embracing creative arts.

The new sleek design features a 9.5- by 6-inch hoop, comes with 120 built-in stitches and embroidery software that allows users to customize embroidery designs and then transfer them to the machine with a USB stick, offering much greater customization than most beginner embroidery machines.

“We wanted it to be packed with the right features that meet their needs, but still gives them the opportunity to grow with that machine for a while,” said Vanessa Dyson, education manager at SVP Worldwide, the makers of Singer, Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff sewing machines.


The new design is unlike any other Husvarna Viking has made. A sleek modern look, with an accessory tray that locks in place. Dyson said the machine was designed to attract younger sewers who may not have a dedicated room for sewing and may have to leave the machine out for all to see when it is not in use.

“You could almost leave it out and it looks like a piece of modern art,” said Dyson. “The design and the look of the machine was very important to us as well, so that it was still aesthetically pleasing if you had to leave it out.”

The Designer Jade 35 retails at $1,799, which may seem steep for someone looking into upgrading from a basic model bought at a big box store. But it is actually right in line with the standard price for a starter embroidery machine for serious sewers, said Dyson. A good beginner sewing machine without embroidery functionality would start at $1,000.

“Sometimes too many people look for the lowest cost machine and really that is not the easiest machine to use and then they get frustrated and they don’t want to sew anymore because it is too hard,” Dyson said. “Usually the more you pay for a machine the easier it is to operate.”

The higher the price the more built-in features available as well. In the case of the Designer Jade 35, there the Sewing Advisoer, a built-in assistant that adjusts the machine depending on the type of sewing and fabric being used for perfect stitching, 700 stitches per minute and an automatic thread cutter.

Dyson recommended purchasing a sewing machine from a local store that also offers classes on how to use the machine’s features and can service the machine in-house. That is something big box stores and online retailers can’t provide and buyers are often without their machine for weeks while it is shipped of for repairs. She also suggests going with a machine that can accommodate your growing sewing skills.

“I don’t think it is a good idea to buy a machine that is so basic that you can’t expand our skills very far,” Dyson said. “You want to have a few more capabilities that you think you’re going to use today.”

Click here to read more about the Designer Jade 35.

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  1. If you live in Melbourne, FL. I highly recommend buying your sewing machine at Quilts and Lace. Here is the link to their website:

    I bought my first machine at Joann’s and I was highly disappointed. They were not able to provide me information on how to use all the features on the machine I bought there.

    However, when I went to Quilts and Lace. I bought my first brother machine. This place was able to provide classes on how to use all the features of the machine. They also provided classes on sewing techniques. Basically, all the knowledge you could ever want and need. And did I mention they are super friendly as well.

  2. I disagree with Miss Dyson. People who buy the cheapest machine possible are often new to sewing, or people who don’t plan to ever do any serious sewing. A new sewer doesn’t understand the reasons one might spend more money on a sewing or even an embroidery machine, and until she gets a good understanding of more sewing, she won’t spend the money to upgrade her machine. Offering a machine at an 1800.00 price from any brand, not just Viking isn’t going to attract a new sewer. it’s going to attract the sewer who wants to upgrade to a better machine, but doesn’t want the higher end pricey machines.

  3. the machine is so much good looking stylish and very much work efficient. and its automated guidebook can be very helpful. the other features are very impressive. beginners to professionals every user is comfortable with it. Thank you for a great review

  4. this is a great review of huqsvarna viking sewing and embroidery machine. the machine comes with some really mind blowing features. but the price is too high to afford one of them


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