How we designed Nocturne, my first fabric collection with QT Fabrics!

We’re shipping Nocturne now! Order at this link:

Today we’re talking you behind-the-scenes giving you a deep dive into the process of designing Nocturne, my first fabric collection with QT Fabrics that we are now shipping!

I chatted with Tiffany Jawor-Smith from QT Fabrics, who I worked with to develop the look and feel of Nocturne, taking it from a concept and color palette to the fabric collection you see today.

We show you pictures of the design process from the original inspiration, to the owl variations and the fabric in its various stages until we landed on the final design … which was finalized the week my daughter was born. Yes, I was making edits hours before I was induced. Yes, I probably work too much.

We have finished cutting and are working on shipping out all of the Nocturne pre-orders. So we have put our remaining yardage up for new sales and you can grab your favorite prints at this link:

Just to give you a heads up, we have listed all of the yardage as available right now to ship. We have put all of the kits and fabric bundles as available on backorder since they all require different amounts of fabric. This way we can order exactly what we need to fill your order, instead of try to predict how much of each kit you all will want and allocate yardage accordingly.

QT Fabrics has a bunch of Nocturne in their warehouse and will be putting in a re-order for more fabric later this month. We will fill any backordered items from QT’s warehouse inventory first, but if you’re not one of the first to order, then you might need to wait for the re-order to arrive in July. If you order early, we expect to be able to get your kit to you in April. 

Here’s the link again to order:

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