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How to make a T-shirt quilt video tutorial

I’ve combined all the posts and instructions in the How to Make a T-shirt quilt series into one post. Now you can watch all 10 videos, get your fabric requirements and sashing chart all in one location. Pin this page, bookmark it, share it on Facebook, do whatever you have to do to remember the […]
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How to Make a Mask WITHOUT Elastic

Thanks to the outpouring of support from the sewing community in the effort to make masks, elastic is now hard to come by. The four main distributors to quilt shops in the U.S. are all out and it is going to be a bit before they can get more. So I created this video to […]

How to sew a perfect quarter-inch seam every time

This tutorial is near and dear to my heart because I spent my first year of quilting not understanding why I always sewed a consistent three-eighths inch stitch instead of a quarter-inch stitch. Once I learned these methods, my accuracy improved overnight and I really started to enjoy sewing because everything turned out the way […]

How to fold fabric to fit your storage space

OK, so this tutorial could also be named “How to be anal retentive about your fabric organization.” I got a new storage shelf for my fabric stash and immediately set to work folding and organizing my stash. I’ve always loved the look of fabric folded all the same size and stacked neatly, filling the storage […]

March Block of the Month

The March block by itself really isn’t all that exciting, but it makes an excellent cornerstone for the center medallion, which we are also putting together this month. So grab your rotary cutter and let’s get started because there is a lot to do this month. The blocks themselves are pretty easy. You’re making four, […]

June Block of the Month

This month we’re getting started on the corners of our quilt by making several setting triangles to frame the solid black border we put on last month. I know the phrase “setting triangles” can sound scary, but I promise its not. They are essentially half-blocks and they are all made of half-square triangles, which you […]
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Bias Tape Binding Hack! Perfect for making fabric mask straps

Last week we posted a video on how to alter any fabric mask pattern using elastic to one that uses ties. You can watch it here: https://shop.quiltaddictsanonymous.com/product/twist-tie-for-medical-mask-nose-clip-alternative/ In that video I used a bias binding maker to get the ties prepped faster. Well, now the bias tape makers are all sold out at our distributor […]

The Ultimate Jelly Roll Rug Video Tutorial!

Jelly roll rugs are all the rage. I can barely scroll through my Instagram feed without seeing a new version of one pop up. So I contacted Roma, the designer behind RJ Designs who created this fabulous pattern that transforms a 2 1/2-inch strip roll and batting into a fabulous, colorful rug to see if […]