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April Block of the Month

It’s that time of the month and I’m technically posting the block design on the first Monday of the month. I’ve got seven minutes left! This month is a nice easy break from the complicated blocks we’ve been doing so far this year. Made almost¬†entirely of half square triangles, this block looks complicated because of […]
Learn to Quilt – Supplies You Need

Must Have Quilting Supplies and Tools – FREE Beginner Quilting Videos and Pattern

Make sure to download the FREE pattern to go with this class and get a 20% OFF coupon in your email you can use on all your supplies. Click here to get the FREE pattern and coupon: https://shop.quiltaddictsanonymous.com/product/split-nine-patch-free-beginner-quilting-video-series-pattern/ Here we go! Here starts the Beginner Quilting class, and you can’t quilt without quilting supplies. If […]

How to do fusible applique

I know how to do hand applique, needle turn, Hawaiian and spray starch method, but using fusible web to do applique by machine is my favorite method by far. It is fast, accurate and very sturdy. I use it often for kids projects, because¬†it holds up well to lots of washings and if I’m going […]

How to make a T-shirt quilt

Today’s tutorial is an oldie but a goody. One of the first tutorial series I made was a 10-part series on how to make a T-shirt quilt from start to finish. Today more than 60,000 people have viewed that first video and I still get emails from people who used the instructions to make their […]

How to silk-dye Easter eggs

Note: This post was originally written in March 2016 and was updated in March 2018 to include a video tutorial. In the intervening years my daughter grew old enough to help with the task, so I had her on as a special guest to help me show you all how to silk dye Easter eggs. […]