This quilt completely wiped me out. I love it and I think it is the most adorable baby quilt I’ve made to date, but I have been completely exhausted since I put the final stitch in the binding at 1 a.m. on Sunday.

The main problem wasn’t staying up until 1 a.m. to finish the quilt. It was the 5 hours I spent lying awake listening to mice scurry around in the attic that left me tired and craving caffeine all week. I’m taking tomorrow off to rest up and hopefully get back to my normal, energetic self, who can function properly without a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

But back to the adorable sock monkey quilt, since you’re here to read about quilting, not insomnia and mice.

The quilt is for my sister’s, bridesmaid’s, sister (two more degrees of separation and we’ll find Kevin Bacon) who is expecting her first child next month. The mom-to-be really likes sock monkeys and her sister sent me photos of a couple sock monkey quilts she liked. One was made entirely of squares cut to the same size. The second had embroidered sock monkeys framed by a yellow print.

So I combined them, alternating appliqued sock monkeys with nine patch blocks, all framed in a yellow border and more simple patchwork squares for a second border. I used a simple meandering stitch for the quilting, leaving the monkeys free of quilting so they would pop.

The photos show the quilt after it has been washed and the batting (Warm and Natural) has shrunk a little, giving it an extra comfy look.

On the back of the quilt I used brown flannel, which is my favorite backing fabric for baby quilts. I think it’s so soft and warm and perfect for snuggling under. It’s also an economical choice since it’s about half the price of quilting cotton.

The sock monkey quilt was also a really quick project. I completed the entire quilt in one week so it could be given as a gift at a baby shower this weekend.

This pattern is now available for download. Click here or the photo below to purchase your own copy.

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