I’m going to have a new nephew in a couple months so that means it is baby quilt time.

My very practical sister who is already thinking ahead to baby number two, chose a jungle theme for the nursery since it is gender neutral. Her husband suggested an underwater theme, not a colorful ocean scene, but bass. That one didn’t get too much consideration.

Nursery Quilt

I took jungle characters from a graphic she wanted to hang on the nursery wall and manipulated them in Photoshop and InDesign until I had a design that was all my own.

Then there was a family trip to the quilt shop. My sister, mom and grandma all went with me to pick out fabric. My mom is learning to quilt so there were some slight distractions as she found a new project to work on. She’s been quilting since Thanksgiving and she already has three UFOs. If she keeps going, she’ll catch up to me by summer.

It was so much fun pulling bolts of fabric and getting feedback from my family on which fabrics would be best for the animals. Then the real fun began. We had a crafting afternoon. My mom cut her new project, my sister crocheted, my grandma knitted and I started getting templates ready for the applique.

jungle quilt, nursery, crib quilt, lion, giraffe, elephant, applique

I’m using fusible applique otherwise I’d never get the quilt finished before the baby arrives. I have all the animals fused on the background and the next step is to go around all of the applique edges with a buttonhole stitch. Then I can put the borders on and quilt it.

I’m so excited about this design that I already bought some more fabric to make my own version.

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