Finished in the nick of time

I know, Christmas was almost a week ago, but life hasn’t slowed down yet.

My quilted gifts were very well received and nobody had any idea that two of them were started less than a week before Christmas.

Most summer days my grandpa can be found on a fishing boat with a pole in his hand while my grandma sits beside him with a book, so they really loved their fish-themed lap quilt.

And the whole family was shocked when they asked when I started “Flower Patch” for my grandma. They were pretty impressed that I started and finished a quilt in three days.

Last, but not least, my cousin got engaged about a week before Christmas and informed us his new fiance was coming to Christmas. She’s a teacher, so I cranked out a quilted messenger bag to hold her school papers. I finished it at 1 a.m. on Christmas Eve. Then I wrapped all the presents.

She thought it was store-bought until my proud mother said, “Stephanie made that.” I considered it a pretty good compliment.

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