Good thing I checked my list twice

I was in the process of checking my list twice last weekend when I realized I forgot to get a gift for my grandmother for the SECOND year in a row. I’m a bad grandchild.

She’s very difficult to shop for. My mom once found a gift she’d gotten her stowed away in a closet with the tags still on it years after it was given. The only want to really make her happy is to give her pictures of the family (which my mom has already taken care of with photos form my wedding this summer) or make her something.

I already cranked out a table runner at the last minute last Christmas, so on Saturday afternoon I found myself at the fabric store picking out fabric to make her a lap quilt in less than a week. I picked up two charm square packets and 10 fat quarters to make a 45″ by 54″ four patch lap quilt. The charm squares made it pretty easy and I used strip piecing to make the four patch blocks so I had the top pieced and basted in a day.

I’m also finishing another lap quilt for my other set of grandparents. Somehow I’ve managed to burn the candle at both ends and am now sewing the binding on both quilts. Now I just can’t wait until I have kids old enough to help with the wrapping, since my husband claims incompetence in that area.

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