Quick weekend projects

I started and finished three quick projects on Saturday.

First up was a fabric book for my six-month-old niece. Since fabric books come in ready to cut out panels, this project was very quick. All I had to do was cut out the page spreads, fuse half of them to fusible fleece and then sew the other side of the page on.

I would recommend switching to a heavy duty needle in your machine when it comes time to sew all the pages together down the center, as I broke my regular quilting needle within the first five stitches.

The first thing my niece did was pull at the pages, so fabric books make great presents for little ones who like to grab at everything but still enjoy a good story.

I also made my niece a quilted Christmas stocking. This would have only taken a couple of hours, but I decided I didn’t like the original top to the stocking. So I took it off an replaced it with the red fabric you see here.

Then when I made a trip to the weekend sale at JoAnn Fabrics, I found a panel for this purse. I changed the pattern by attaching fusible fleece to the outside layer and quilting it. I think the next time I make a purse I’ll also add medium- to heavy-weight fusible interfacing to the inside layer as well to give it a little more stability. But I really like how it turned out and I’ve already gotten compliments on it.

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